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Support The ‘NC NORML Billboard Campaign’


Billboards are significant. I am a total blog nerd, stuck indoors at my computer for long hours, and even I see lots of billboards every day. Imagine if there were billboards all over the place in a state that has ‘less than progressive’ marijuana laws. Sounds pretty cool right? Well then let’s make it happen in North Carolina! Support the NC NORML Billboard Campaign with a donation. Imagine if every state had billboards all over the place? I saw first hand how Oregonians for Law Reform’s billboards in Portland, Oregon, combined with a press conference below did amazing things to affect politics in this state. It’s real stuff, get involved!

north carolina norml billboard campaign


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  1. Jon @ NC NORML on

    Totally agree! Part of NC NORML’s campaign is to educate the public. The media in this state is slow to pick up marijuana related news, so we have to make our own. We envision a billboard in every major city. It’s time for the cannabis community to come out of the closet and share information about this beneficial and non-toxic plant! (ps. Thanks for the shout out!)

  2. I aim to make endocannabinoid a household word in two years or less. Mention it in every post you do. Help me along. I have some Republicans I really want to annoy. You know the type.

  3. DavidTheExpert on

    Yeah but billboards are meant for the general public, and the general public doesn’t know what the fuck a cannabinoid is, much less what the word “receptor” means.

  4. Just the information. I think this would look pretty good on a billboard:

    There are more cannabinoid receptors in the body than any other receptor type.

  5. Great idea. They should be in every state especially those with legalization & medical bills. Id like to see them in Pennsylvania where a legalization beill has been introduced.

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