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Supreme Court Dismisses Marijuana Case Filed By Nebraska And Oklahoma Against Colorado


Supreme Court marijuanaIn 2012 Colorado voters approved an initiative that legalized recreational marijuana in the state. Since that time, Colorado has become a favorite tourist attraction for travelers. That’s especially true after January 1, 2014 when legal recreational marijuana sales began. Sales have continued to climb steadily, with some temporary dips on a month-to-month basis, but overall growth has been very strong. A lot of jobs are being created, a lot of tax revenue is being generated, and above all, people aren’t having their lives ruined for personal marijuana possession and consumption.

But the success of legalization in Colorado has not come with its share of hurdles. One of the biggest ones came in the form of a multi-state federal lawsuit. Nebraska and Oklahoma filed the suit against Colorado essentially claiming that Colorado had a ‘marijuana problem.’ However, as activists were very quick to point out, Colorado doesn’t have a marijuana problem – Nebraska and Oklahoma have a prohibition problem. The case made it all the way to the United States Supreme Court level. The lawsuit was ripped apart by legal experts, but even with the vast majority of experts agreeing that the case was crap, there is always that lingering chance that something very, very lame could happen.

I’m very happy to report that earlier this morning a decision was announced, and the United States Supreme Court decided to dismiss the case. Per NBC:

The U.S. Supreme Court declined on Monday to take up a lawsuit filed by two neighboring states of Colorado over its legalization of marijuana.

The court turned the case away in an unsigned opinion. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented. Writing for them both, Thomas said court should have taken the case because “the plaintiff states have made a reasonable case.”

Tom Angell from the Marijuana Majority, who was on this thing from start to finish, had the following to say about the dismissal:

“There’s no question about it: This is good news for legalization supporters. This case, if it went forward and the Court ruled the wrong way, had the potential to roll back many of the gains our movement has achieved to date. And the notion of the Supreme Court standing in the way could have cast a dark shadow on the marijuana ballot measures voters will consider this November. But the justices correctly decided that this lawsuit is without merit and that states should be able to move forward with implementing voter-approved legalization laws even if their neighbors don’t like it. At the end of the day, if officials in Nebraska and Oklahoma are upset about how much time and resources their police are spending on marijuana cases, as they said in their briefs, they should join Colorado in replacing prohibition with legalization. That will allow their criminal justice systems to focus on real crime, and it will generate revenue that can be used to pay for healthcare, education and public safety programs.”


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  1. Superstorm250 on

    One question related to this that I do have though is about the other lawsuits filed against Colorado by those property owners and the one filed by the sheriffs, has anyone heard anything about those cases?

    I know that the lawsuit filed by the sheriffs sought to do even more damage than the one filed by Oklahoma and Nebraska because the one the sheriffs filed seeks to completely repeal A-64, even the provisions for personal possession and cultivation, the Oklahoma and Nebraska one only wanted to remove sales. I hope that this case being rejected by SCOTUS will lead to that one being rejected as well.

  2. Superstorm250 on

    This is great news! Legalization will now continue to be approved in more and more states and it’ll soon be too late for the feds to roll back all of the progress that has been made, especially if California and Nevada legalize this November.

    A state as large and influential as California would be a huge victory and tip the scales on the national level, and Nevada would also be a significant victory because of Las Vegas. Vegas is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country, people from all over the country and even people from different parts of the world travel to Las Vegas every year to vacation there. If adults 21 and older can legally buy and consume marijuana there, it will become even more mainstream than it is now and will push reform even further.

  3. How disgusting is it when entire STATES knowingly attempt to overturn democracy just because THEY have complexes over pot. I think a lot of the animosity comes from the fact that their dire warnings of Colorado becoming a state full of potheads getting into car accidents never happened.

  4. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Or Jack Herer, if you can find some. :) I’m sure he’d have a lot to say about this news.

  5. PeedNUrGenePool on

    Well, I see the two freedom-loving small-Government Conservatives on the Court voted AGAINST Freedom, States Rights, and the right of The People to control our Government.

    I guess they figure there will be another day.

    We must remain on the offensive….the Forces of Darkness and Evil will not surrender easily.

    Vote for Hillary or Bernie…they will put progressives on the Supreme Court. Together we can end the fascist rule of the Conservatives.

  6. Thank God for common sense. Certainly if the court took Nebraska’s and Kansas’s side, it would deter other states from progressive marijuana reform. Looks like legal marijuana is here to stay. It will only grow over time, as this decision can be interpreted as a green light for other states to legalize.

  7. Almost a century of international deception is to blame, not just the US federal government Just keep educating yourself and your community.

  8. When tyrants are thwarted, they simply double-down. You’re right they’ll be dragged into modern civilization kicking and screaming.

  9. Watch out along the border, crossing from CO into either state. Not to mention Kansas.

    Given they’ve just lost in the courts, they could either 1) think seriously about decriminalization/legalization in their states, or 2) they could ramp enforcement up through the roof. Given the states in question, I’d bet on the latter.

    If they bust more weed coming into their state, they could use that “trend” data to put more pressure on CO.

    Likely the one thing they won’t just say is: “Oh well, we lost. Might as well give up.”

  10. This problem was created by Federal Prohibition Laws, and needs to be fixed by removing those Federal Laws rather than throwing all of the resolve on the states. States need to replace their senators and representatives with real Non-Career politicians that get will get this corrected at the Federal level.

  11. Which is why cannabis should not only be made legal, there should be federal laws that guarantee citizens the right to grow their own, and prohibiting genetic modification. Similar to European purity laws for beer.

  12. Closet Warrior on

    I thought this lawsuit was a joke from the rip and haters gonna hate, lol. Fuck Oklahoma’s and Nebraska’s law not-so-think tanks, haha you losers and Fuck Clarence Thomas!!!

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