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  1. If you trace any issue to it’s source it will ultimately be about the money, and politicians, all of them, are poster people for wanting to get their hands on it.

  2. Sabet basically said that pot’s big PR machine keeps them from getting their message to the public. He also touted local elections where pot shops were rejected. That’s about it. I see this as a very weak response. It’s definitely worth reading.

  3. Silly Rabbit on

    Had screen name well before DEA Post came out ….. I laughed and
    laughed when I saw, Silly Rabbits!

  4. I have to ask. Did you pick your screen name before or after the DEA agent warned us about stoned bunny rabbits? I still break out laughing at that.

  5. Lobbyists and MONEY are the ones that keep politicians in office. I’ve voted in all elections, but never left a polling place with a good feeling. They are all there for the money. NOT “We the People”.

  6. This change in attitude among American voters is good news, but it’s still a very small majority. The hard part is finding politicians with the balls to support the will of the voters. I’m always shocked by how unpopular individual liberties are in a country that claims to be the global bastion of freedom.

  7. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    You can only hide the truth for so long. Cannabis is healer! Government is a death bringer.

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