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Survey: Majority Of Rheumatologists Support Medical Marijuana


arthritis cannabis marijuanaArthritis sucks. I know many people that suffer from arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis affects 1.3 million Americans a year. There are 2.5 times as many women that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis than men. Symptoms usually begin in the finger joints, wrists, and/or ankles. My great grandfather suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, and it crippled his hands. It was brutal to watch him try to use his hands. I wish I could go back in time and recommend medical marijuana to my great grandfather, I really think it would have helped alleviate his suffering.

A survey was recently conducted asking rheumatologists if they supported medical marijuana. The survey found encouraging results. Per Leaf Science:

Just over half of rheumatology specialists believe cannabis or cannabis-based medicines can help in the treatment of rheumatic conditions like arthritis, according to a survey by the Canadian Rheumatology Association.

The results were published last month in the journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Of the 128 doctors that responded to the survey, 55% thought there was a role for cannabis or cannabinoids in treating rheumatic conditions. 45% said there was no role.

There has been growing support for medical marijuana in the medical community for awhile now. Marijuana is medicine, and specifically for arthritis, it’s a very effective form of medicine. If you suffer from arthritis, make sure to leave your story in the comments to encourage others. If you know someone that suffers from arthritis, make sure to recommend medical marijuana to them. No need to be pushy, just offer it up and if they are open minded, they will give it a try. And if they give it a try, the will also recommend it to others.


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  1. I have ankylosing spondylitis and crohn’s disease. I also suffer some arthritis in my feet. Cannabis keep my crohn’s in remission. Not a cure, I quit and symptoms return, Cannabis heals crohn’s! The cannabis also keeps my use of pain killers down, it is proven that cannabis makes opiates work better and require less of a dose. I suffer some neuropathic pain that the opiates don’t touch yet the cannabis does. My feet, the joints around my toes will feel like they are burning, usually cold water and fat dabs will relieve that sensation. I don’t care wether my docs like it or not cannabis is medicine.
    Some one says that the government says no medicinal value, then why do they hold patents on it as a neuroprotectant and cancer drug?

  2. I’ve been approved for mm because of my Rhumatoid Arthritis. My PO said no because I’m in recovery. Does she have the right to denie me of my medicine. It’s a prescription!

  3. Hi. I’ve been using pot to treat my arthritis openly with my doctor. He says because I tested positive for it during a mandatory urine test …not enough time to get out of my system so I’m cut off from my add medicine and antidepressant. Worst part is everyone wants to see that medical record before seeing me as a new patient.
    I’m too embarrassed .
    Seriously….any way around this while residing in south carolina that you may know of?

  4. Captain Obvious on

    The key for doctors is to find the “Minimum Effective Dose.” Since cannabis is a modulator(as your “anecdotal evidence” shows), less toxic higher doses of conventional meds are not needed resulting in the side effects of death/bleeding to be less prevalent. Bayer is in a good position to show the market that they are committed to making their formulation safer with cannabis. Hopefully some safer over the counter medications in the future. Though, there will always be just as many
    pathologies (ie IBD) that must avoid IBUPROFEN like the plague as well.

  5. firetheliberals on

    Ah, yes. I stay away from ibuprofen as much as possible. Mmj has cut my ibuprofen use almost 90 per cent. But when I get serious pain, like a stabbing pain in my left mandible,combining the two really keeps the ibuprofen from screwing up my gut, while eliminating the pain. Ankylosing spondylitis ..

  6. But our Goverment still says marijuana has no medical value.
    Even though the medical community has stated time and time again marijuana has medicinal bennifits. So either the medical community is lying to us or a bunch of politictions. Since there is more medical professionals even at 50% division than politictions I would have to believe in our medical community. I hate calling a group a liar, but who are you going to believe?

  7. I confess to not knowing much about this particular topic, but thought I’d pass along one bit of information. There’s a folk remedy in Mexico (possibly elsewhere) of soaking MJ in alcohol for a few days and then rub it in the arthritic joints. I’ve never tried it, but know many people who swear to it. I get the irony here that if you can’t get it legally it won’t help you unless you first become a criminal.

  8. Captain Obvious on

    Rheumatology treatments cost significantly more than even illegal herbal cannabis. The doctors that sold out to drug companies are probably thinking about retiring soon but need to get every last dime before they go. I think Bayer and others have found IBUPROFEN and cannabis work great together and even reduce some of the fog of the side effects that some may experience.
    Though I agree with Sarijuana, it will be interesting when this gets rescheduled and doctors aren’t silenced by a frivolous rule. However, I can see some of the large institutions canning some great health professionals that choose to exercise their freedom of speech and ethics. _

  9. My Rheumatologist is supportive of my use and curious about my results, but she wouldn’t fill out the necessary paperwork required for participation in the NM Med. Can. Program, and she told me there wasn’t a Rheumatologist in the state that would. She was right. This caused me to have to qualify under chronic pain, which required TWO doctor signatures and cost me $300. If your Rheumatologist fills out the forms there is no additional cost to a Medical Cannabis Specialists and only the Rheum. Doc’s signature is required. It was the old “federal funding” dilemma too many people face with health care providers. Even though the doctor believes it will help you, they won’t risk their jobs or the fed dollars. It will be interesting to see what happens when cannabis looses its Schedule 1 designation in America.

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