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Sweet Afghani Delicious (SAD) Marijuana Strain Review


OG Afghani MarijuanaSweet Afghani Delicious (SAD) Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Total Health Concepts (Denver Location)

Grade: B+

Type: Heavily Indica hybrid, Black Domina x Afghan S1 from Sweet Seeds (Spain)

Price: $15/gram

Appearance: (7.5/10) A bit nondescript from a distance, this strain really sparkled once a light was cast on it or it was under the camera lens – there are trichs everywhere, even on the thin wispy pistils that shoot out in all directions. The sample was a tad on the leafy side just in structure (Indicas often are), but the nugs were fairly tight and had a solid manicure.

Aroma: (8.5/10) Totally unexpected except for that it was in the name, this strain was extremely sweet-smelling, reminding us of movie theater red rope licorice or a strawberry fruit roll-up – wonderful sweet, fruity scent with no trace of the normal musk seen in the parent strains. Truly a top-notch smell package for people who like sweet and fruity… the pungency is quite remarkable as well.

Taste: (6.5/10) Though one reviewer picked up some sweetness, this one was thought to be mainly earthy and much more reminiscent of the usual Afghani varietals. This one had a variety of woodsy and earthy tastes but also a twang that reminded one reviewer of fancy cheeses. It was a rather smooth smoking experience but left a medium gray ash and likely could’ve used a slightly longer flush.

Effects: Truly a pure Indica/Afghani experience, this strain provided great relaxation properties throughout the body and mind, but especially in the upper back/shoulder/neck area, which felt particularly nice. A creeping head effect (one reviewer mentioned a “headband feeling”) was mostly concentrated in the eyes and also led to a slightly slow and goofy mental state with an elevated mood. Once the main potency passed, it felt extremely functional though relaxing, finishing back at a normal energy level.

Duration: Medium, 2 — 2.5 hours

sweet afghani delicious cannabis strainMedicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors — personal opinion ONLY) Muscle tension and pain relief, mental relaxation, mood elevation, possible sleep aid in higher dosages, ocular relief, and hypertension.

Overall: Unexpectedly sweet and fruity, this strain will certainly please those patients who place smell on the top of their list of qualities to look for. But even if that’s not your thing, the effects were genuinely enjoyed by all of the staff, especially as a late-day or night-time med when relaxation is the goal. A very interesting strain indeed, though we wish the duration was a little longer.

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