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Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Sweet Tooth Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The Sweet Tooth strain gets its name because of its ability to produce sugary crystals in massive amounts, and it’s sweet smell. Sweet Tooth is a powerful hybrid that’s has just enough sativa to keep you awake. Sweet Tooth comes with a body high that alleviates pain and allows your mind to travel easily. Sweet Tooth is not recommended for those who have a long list of chores to accomplish.

“A good mix of indica and sativa, can be used for the day but using too much will lead to a good sleep.” – Brad420Brad

Check out the Sweet Tooth marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Sweet Tooth, and how Sweet Tooth affects various ailments.

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sweet tooth marijuana strainsweet tooth marijuana strain


sweet tooth marijuana strain


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  1. Recently tried this strain, a hybrid and possible clone, in New Mexico, and I give it an okay rating.

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