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Tacoma To Shut Down Most Of Its Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


closed anaheim dispensaries medical marijuanaIt’s sad times for safe access in Washington State. After the passage of Senate Bill 5052, more and more medical marijuana dispensaries are getting letters demanding that they cease operations. The latest round of letters have been going out this month in Tacoma, Washington where the city is demanding that almost all of the medical marijuana dispensaries in city limits close down. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The Tacoma City Council made the decision this week to shut down most of the area’s 60-plus unregulated dispensaries, with officials expressing concern about the proliferation of such businesses, according to the News Tribune.

The council previously planned to crack down on dispensaries but delayed action against them to see how the state would decide to handle medical marijuana businesses now that recreational cannabis is legal. The state ended up passing a bill in April that effectively will kill Washington’s MMJ program by rolling it into its heavily regulated recreational market.

Under that law, dispensaries and collective gardens will be required to get licenses from the state by July 1, 2016, or shut their doors.

The medical marijuana dispensaries have 45 days from when the letter was sent to close down shop, or else. Washington State is trying very hard to push these dispensaries into the recreational system. All the while patients suffer and are having a harder and harder time accessing medicine at an affordable price. I have to assume that once recreational stores open in Oregon, where prices are expected to be half of what they are at Washington recreational stores, that more and more patients will be driving down to Oregon so that they can afford to buy meds.


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  1. robert white on

    many think profit is evil. its what made america. anyone, with any amount of ambition, can create a buisness, and prosper. i wish all these younger people, would stop listening to the bernies of the world. they are just theives, all the while, being rich. They have been brainwashed, by the last eight years of our whitehouse, to stand their, with a tin cup of pencils.

  2. OK, bet you’re in law enforcement. Another government employee who just doesn’t think things through. A lot of people are apartment dwellers, or don’t have the kind of money it takes to grow or work and don’t have the time or energy and, guess what, a lot of them are too sick to spend their time growing. Dillhole.

  3. Nobody should have to pay thousands of dollars of meds a month, which is what most seriously ill patients will end up paying under this system. There is no way that can be called fair or humane. Overtaxation and overregulation and its finest… AKA backdoor prohibition.

  4. Medical dispensary regulations were written and passed by the legislature, but at the written request of the law enforcement lobby, the Governor vetoed those sections that would have licensed these businesses. This was done at the same time that I-502 was being rolled out. Coincidence?

  5. The State Liquor Control Board has published the fact that thousands of pounds from last season are still unsold. With a bumper crop this year, and four times as many growers, that number will skyrocket. The cheapest prices I’ve heard are $.80 a gram (outdoor) and $1.50 a gram (indoor). I’m sure that’s just the low end. I have no idea what the high end is, but I’ve heard that no retail store owner will look at any product over $3 a gram.

    Again….my comments are based on statements from the LCB who track what’s been sold and what hasn’t. I have a neighbor who has every gram of his crop from last season and he’s got a new crop flowering now. How will that effect prices in October/November…..I guess we just have to wait a couple of months.

  6. Can’t patients grow their own, or are we to believe that all those patients are so incapacitated that the only thing they can do is sit around smoking pot all day?

    Most of my patients were physically capable of growing but simply wanted a better product at an easier pull and they generally recognized that they would profit more as my patient than as their own grower.

  7. Yes..and all the folk that benefited from it while ignoring the fact that higher standers were certainly around the corner, they lobby for no taxes or regulations.

    Many of them are like libertarians and pretty much want a gubment that only protects their property for dirt cheap.

  8. Awwww…don’t wanna pay taxes and support schools and law enforcement?

    Or just don’t wanna abstain when your budget won’t support your drug habit?

  9. Sounds like they’re f’in it up in Tacoma! I guess it wasn’t done correctly from the get go!

  10. Watch this is going to be good.the only way their going to be able to over throw the med use is to legalilegalize for rec use an regulate. This can go either way for the public. I need my herb but have been controlled by maffia for 25 years. So I moved to oregon just a month ago.. An am I learning a lot. 2 more months an me an doobies dream will be true. Can walk into a store an buy it like a pack of cigarettes. I just hope the next time military runs a experiment they call the medical board an run medical test s. Or something. Think all these years an people would have been healed.ez en

  11. firetheliberals on

    The dispensaries in issaquah, wa are closing. Greenlink coukd not find retail space after their buikding complex was sold. This effectively eliminates a vital source since surrounding towns have banned all weed..getting worse not better

  12. They are being closed with no system in place for them to register with the state to be “legal”. The patients and public were lied to…..as were the dispensary owners who were told that they would be “grand-fathered in”. They were all lied to. Now stores are shutting down and meds are getting both harder to find, as well as more expensive.

    If you’ll recall, this is exactly what I predicted would happen if I-502 passed.

    At the same time both the store and the producer-processors are complaining that they are losing money….especially the producers. Wholesale prices have fallen as low as $.80 a gram for outdoor cannabis. Thousands of pounds are still unsold from last year and with the warm weather conditions this summer, there could be a bumper crop of recreational pot that growers can’t get rid of which is expected to bankrupt many growers who are still sitting on last years’ crop.

  13. Just a question – don’t shoot me for not knowing…is this happening because there was a lack of regulation for the existing MMJ program BEFORE Adult Use was voted in?

  14. start repeating what the state says – NONE of the dispensaries that didn’t ALRAEDY apply for an I502license will be licensed by July 1, 2016. Dispensaries are NOT being “pushed in” they are being CLOSED.

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