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Tacoma, Washington May Shut Down Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


washington state marijuana regulationsPlans released by city leaders last week were to send out letter to cease operations at marijuana dispensaries as soon as this January, as they are not licensed under Initiative 502. For both business owners and patients, this serves as devastating news. All of the medical marijuana dispensaries in the city could be gone in early 2015.

But while the medical marijuana clinics would close, the recreational shops in the area would remain open. For people who want to get healed rather than high, this idea isn’t great for them. Recreational shops don’t offer the same type of medicinal products that medical shops do, not to mention that the taxes are higher on recreational cannabis.

Places like Ancient Holistic Remedies in Tacoma are extremely worried about what will happen if their shop gets shut down. “This is out apothecary,” said Kimberly Braga, the owner. “It’s our traditional Eastern apothecary and we do have cannabis.” The shop has been open since 2012, in honor of Kim’s father who died of cancer. When he was diagnosed, his treatment of choice was marijuana and Kim and her husband opened the shop in his memory. They serve a great deal of patients in the Tacoma area, like Susan Fairchild, a hairdresser that suffers from severe arthritis.

If the Tacoma City Council reveals a plan to shut down the unregulated pot shops, however, Ancient Apothecaries and as many as 50 other shops will have to close their doors. Tacoma City Council Member Anders Isben stated, “Ultimately, with these collective gardens, we respect the work that they’ve done and the work that went in to the process but there’s just such legal ambiguity and another concern is that there’s such a proliferation or concentration of these stores in certain neighborhoods.”

Fairchild compares getting her medicine at a recreational shop to buying isopropyl alcohol at a liquor store. It’s just not something that you do. “They aren’t taking the time to see who’s doing things right and they’re going to rope us all in to the same boat and set us out to sail, which is tragic,” Braga said.

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  1. Washington already allows cities to opt out of the 502 system. It did so in order to avoid having the 502 law taken to the US Supreme Court. Well, Oklahoma and Nebraska already took care of that for us today. Hind-sight’s 20-20. If this is what Tacoma wants it would already have been a done deal if the medical dispensaries had already been state regulated like the 502’s. Business as usual

  2. Rather than shut down a business they can grandfather people who invested tons of money,time,resources
    Some people on this blog warned of 502
    Steve S said this would happen

  3. I live in Allentown PA. I lam sick of the court systems being overloaded with people who were just smoking pot or possessing and are not at all bad people. My brother recently got arrested last year and put on probation. He loved marijuana. However he could not smoke it on probation so he started smoking more cigerettes. Gross!!!! I was pissed because cigs are way worse then you then pot. However my brother decided he could get high on opiates or heroin and be able to pass his drug tests in 2-3 days. Less then a year went by and now he is dead!! I have to wake up everyday afraid to leave my room because I don’t want to see his room or here my parents crying. Basically I want to say that mariuana has atleast saved my life because there is something on earth i find pleasing other then God.

    Here in PA the big man uncle sam wants 1 in 10 to get addicted to heroin. Thats why the Afghansistans presidents brother (afgan president that the US helped put there) has been in charge of all the opium production in Afganistan. This is because the US goes where the drugs are , then the USA brings them home. Most of you are from the West US and I am sure the problem is there to. AND I DO know that the mexican cartels are supplying most of the heroin in the US. The price of heroin is under 1 dollar a bag if you buy enough. middle school students__ not high school but middle school students have enough lunch money with 5 dollars a day to buy heroin and not their lunch. (Super Gross) IF you think this is bull shit National Geographics magazine just wrote an article that restates most of how in 2014 this fall was the largest opium harvest on record in Afganistan. WATCH OUT USA AND ENGLAND!!!!

    Please people together we can legalize or decriminalize pot …….. I want it legalized because I am sick of going to a guy to get pot and him giving me a gram of meth or crack free or “Yo do you want some oxys” Fuck that shit!! . It would be nice to go to a cvs and just pick up a quarter for the week without anyone pushing some other shit on me. Pot helps me relax and deal with stressful times.

  4. I read the original article which was unsigned and merely an editorial from a right-wing leaning newspaper not fit to line my birdcage.

  5. Appearances can often be very deceiving. Someone who outwardly appears to be seemingly young and “healthy” might actually have served 3 horrendous tours in Iraq, and be so mentally F’d up with PTSD they’ve found cannabis their only relief and without the awful side affects of pharmaceutical’s. Let’s hope Seattle regulates it’s medical dispensaries and not the state. Why? because one word is so often missing when dispensaries vs. 502’s are being discussed: Patients!

  6. it is truly screwed for all the ACTUAL medical marijuana patients out there who are now facing having to pay high prices for their medicine.I know of at least 10 friends who are getting shafted by this. Unfortunately I also know of about 20 – 30 people who have licenses that got them for the ability to “get high and not get busted”. Which isn’t doing the MMJ community any favors. With that being said, back in the 80s I said it was a bad idea to legalize and today it is a bad idea to legalize pot. Decriminalization is the way to go here in my opinion.
    The real criminals, The state, waited for all the dispensaries to work out the science(s) on everything and now they are swooping in and cashing in on all the hard work that everyone else did. Oh and their shutting down the dispensaries which is their only competition any more. Sounds like good old fashioned organized crime to me. Im surprised it took this long actually

  7. It does say “May” and could very well just be BS. Depriving medical patients safe access to medicine is not going to happen without an expensive fight. Medical’s been legal since 1998 the 502’s 2012. Which one has precedent under the law? They Lawyer’s and a Judge will sort this out. My bet’s on at least some dispensaries remaining open whether the city suits like it of not.

  8. Normally with fine’s, a state/federal lawsuit- GULP!, closing the offending business etc. Not the OK Corral

  9. It’s appear’s more likely the Washington State legislature has decided once again to punt on making a decision regarding Washington’s medical marijuana dispensaries. So, Tacoma apparently made the decision to not allow dispensaries and replace them with 502’s. In Seattle the Mayor wants the city to regulate it’s existing medical dispensaries alongside 502 stores. A tale of two cities.

  10. Washington’s recreational cannabis is regulated. The date of processing, it’s grow source, moisture content, it’s guaranteed to be absent of mold, it’s % of THC, etc. etc. Lot’s of people apparently like this. They will pay more, much like some people often pay more for organic vegetables in a grocery store produce isle. They don’t carry guns.

  11. If you demand satisfaction, and believe that you’ve been scammed by a purchase which took place in a legal recreational store. You’d most likely find that the management doesn’t want to lose a good customer. They’d very probably do their best to satisfy your complaint. Not even three year’s ago if you’d been scammed and “demanded” satisfaction, from a black-market source………well you can connect the dots on that outcome.

  12. The FDA regulates tomatoes. Every plant purchased and not grown oneself is regulated. Personally, I buy organic tomatoes. They’re regulated more stringently than non organic’s. But I think they taste better and worth the extra cost.

  13. Take heart! You have Seattle and Olympia nearby. You may have to buy more in bulk than you did in the past. Remember also that you’re allowed to grow up to 15 plants and possess 64 Oz. if you qualify for/ already have, a medical authorization.

  14. Seattle’s mayor announced last week that he’s seeking legislation to allow the city to regulate the medical dispensaries inside the city limit. Sounds like Tacoma possibly heard this too, and instead being pro-active, decided to throw the baby out with the bath-water.

  15. They won’t prevail in the lawsuits which will obviously be brought by medical patients advocates. Believe me, theirs won’t be the last word. Perhaps that’s their point? I disagree that “Washington state is where to look for how NOT how to proceed with cannabis legalization”. Not after reading and studying about big tobacco and giant corporate-mega grows plan on taking over and dominating the cannabis markets in other legal other states. Those states not having put small craft grower protections similar to those built into Washington’s 502 law into there own, will soon find that small craft growers will not be able to compete against a tsunami of giant commercial corporate factory grows, descending upon them, built using “Mr Sam’s” Walmart model to put them all out of business asap. Thankfully this scenario won’t be allowed by law to happen in Washington because it’s against state law. It’s not far to Olympia or Seattle medical dispensaries. Just buy in bulk and if you’re a medical patient you can grow 15 plants.

  16. Sad but not surprising either. Tacoma has always taken a hard line stand against cannabis. I remember when Seattle passed 1-70 back in 2007 Tacoma was pissed off about it. Any 502 rec. stores opening there will have a very hard time fighting local busy-bodies. I certainly wouldn’t want to invest in, or open a 502 store in Tacoma. You’d have to grow weary of church groups picketing outside of your business door everyday.

  17. Anders Ibsen and the rest if the crooks on the Tacoma City Council don’t give a damn about sick and/or dying patients or those who are using cannabis for pain relief.
    They are truly a heartless bunch of thugs,along with the whole I-502 crowd and they ought to be ashamed of themselves-but that’s not likely as they have no conscience .
    Dollars count for more than human lives for these evil “people”.
    Washington state is where to look for how to NOT proceed with cannabis legalization.

  18. Captain Obvious on

    If we have low barriers to entry and multiple competing businesses the scammers will go belly up quick. We already have a plethora of business and product liability laws to follow no matter what is sold. I am sure USDA Organic Certified will be an option for some businesses so consumers will have an agreeable standard of quality to choose from OR maybe the community can set its own certified standard (if it hasnt already).

  19. You can buy branded weed that has been assayed. I expect that assay kits may be marketed if there is a need for that. But you are also thinking black market prices. What if the price goes down to $50 an lb? $7.50 an oz?

    Regulations will require regulators. And regulators will have guns.

    I’d rather not.

  20. The only regulation that I would want is to protect me from fraud. If I get scammed on weed, I would demand to get satisfaction. A totally unregulated environment would provide no consumer protection.

  21. This is why tax and regulate is so wrong. Weed is no more dangerous than tomatoes. The regulations will be written in such a way as to drive out the little guys.

    The Prohibitionists are involved in mass murder. The Reagan administration tried to suppress the finding that cannabis is effective against cancer. You can look it up. Of course the Democrats did nothing when they had a chance.

    Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

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