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Taiwanese Animators Make Barack Obama “Choom Gang” Video


Barack Obama “Choom Gang” Video

The animation geniuses at NMA.tv put together a Taiwanese-style reenactment of the President’s marijuana smoking days. Watch the video below to see an interpretation of the infamous ‘Choom Gang’:


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Johnny Green


  1. Whoops.  You missed the real issue here.  Few care that Obama smoked pot as a youth.  What millions DO care about is Obama’s huge hypocrisy in his support of the war on marijuana consumers.  Especially after he stated as late as 2004 marijuana should be decriminalized.

    It seems clear, Obama’s beliefs were cancelled out by big campaign contributions from powerful interests that profit from the fraudulent, counter-productive marijuana prohibition.

    It’s a very sad betrayal of millions who voted for Obama, expecting justice on this issue.  -  He took the 20 pieces of silver.

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