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Take Action On Marijuana Law Reform In 2015


marijuana prohibitionBy Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

As we get further into 2015, state legislatures are convening all around the country and the issue of marijuana law reform is a hot topic in many of them. From full legalization to decriminalization to medical use, marijuana is being debated in state houses across the nation. A key component of making these reform efforts successful is the mobilization of citizens like yourself. Only so much can be done by top down lobbying and lawmakers often base their votes off of the will of their constituents.

To make this process as pain-free as possible, NORML has collected all of the currently pending legislation and provided tools for constituents to contact their elected officials in our Take Action Center. Bills currently pending in 2015 include:

You can view the full list of pending legislation here. This list is continually updated as new measures are introduced so be sure to keep checking back to see what legislation will be debated in your state this year. Be sure you take a moment of your time to use these action alerts to quickly and easily contact lawmakers in support of pending legislation in your state and share them with your friends and family!

Help us keep the GRASS in GRASSROOTS and together we will legalize marijuana nationwide.

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  1. Whyiowa4medical on

    I agree Johnny, but Iowa even flushed the Idea of allowing growers to make Charlotte’s Web available to families that must break federal law to get their hands on it. It is legal medically in Iowa to possess and give one’s children under the order of a specialist in neurology. If it is ordered, families must go to Colorado to buy it for over one thousand per 60 ml. CBD compounds are illegal here too, so the opposition of cannabis (SAM) cannot make that inroad here, but surprisingly a Des Moines company makes CBDs undisturbed (although it is as illegal as any whole flower in a dispensary). After reading Project CBD’s 2014 major report, I agree that this substance, promoted by Oregon’s major oppositionary figurehead, makes CBDs dangerous. This substance can be very dangerous when made from hemp (which they wish to do) while they will be making a placebo. They make fantastic claims that are absolutely not supported by research to claim a win, when it will be a catastrophic failure. THC is a required cannabinoid as all CBDs work in conjunction, but can you see their game? We produce high CBD medical strains, then if examined under oath one would have to say that it is an important part of cures and if as well directed as I believe they could twist and trick us into if we are so concerned about medicine and cures; we must use the compound that is the biggest healer. That healing compound is in fact THC, CBD, CBN (the reason whole flower cannabis was approved for glaucoma in the 1970s), CBG, CBL, along with a few others I should look up for accuracy are necessary to the “entourage” effect found in ALL of cannabis’ cures and preventative medicine. Some argue that the Canadian produced Sativex should be all anyone could want, but I argue that we are far from finished with the study of cannabis’ amazing substances, especially the Terpenes. I have begun an interview with several people, to finish the research and thesis of those like me who once had a hatred for cannabis, but I loved the LSD Alan Ginsberg brought to Ames in 1969 or 1970. He also introduced student groups to Mescaline which was far more colorful than LSD’s mind alterations for a few hours. In front of an underground student group I was Introduced to them as a man as psychedelic using Native Cultures considered 12 and 13 year old persons a man, if they could meet themselves and face that on potent hallucinogens. I was one that was never forced into something I did not want, as some were pressured. When a lifelong disease struck these others they were also attracted to cannabis after a hatred of it. This is something I must complete before I can publish as I have no proof except what they would call a growing drug problem without research into landrace terpenes. As I was exposed to cannabis smells for some two to three years before I was drawn into the “smoking room” where I had always been welcome, it was also when a disease that should have killed me at 25 began to affect me. I am finding many other similar reports and if you want to help save cannabis, and the freedom to, or not to use it; contact me by my activist name on here at Twitter. More of our stories than you can know are intertwined. Meanwhile, fight and fight as hard as you are able!!! Even with Iowa out we can get a constitutional amendment de-scheduling cannabis nationwide with 3/4ths of the states!!!

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