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Take Action Right Now To Help Support Medical Marijuana In Illinois


Illinois medical marijuana hb 1By Hunter Holliman, National Field Coordinator, Americans for Safe Access

At the beginning of March, Illinois came one step closer to becoming the 18th medical marijuana state when HB 1 passed out of the House’s Human services committee. You can personally help make sure that the state takes the next step forward by encouraging your State Representatives to pass HB 1 when it comes to vote in the House soon!

Representive Lou Lang’s medical marijuana bill would create a program where patients with qualifying medical conditions can get safe and legal access to medicine through dispensing centers. It would also protect patients from criminal prosecution and impose additional civil protections against discrimination for participation in the program. When compared to other states that have legalized medical cannabis, the Illinois program leans toward the restrictive side of the spectrum, but is not the most restrictive in the country. With a tangible medical cannabis program almost within reach, it has never been more important for advocates to ask their electeds for support.

Click here to write an email to your State Representative

If you are a patient or advocate and would like to get more involved, please contact action@safeaccessnow.org

With your help, we can help make medical cannabis legal in Illinois!

Source: Americans for Safe Access, make a donation


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  1. Small correction. Illinois, should HB1 pass (here’s hoping!) would become the 19th state to enact compassionate use. The 17th and 18th states that enacted medical cannabis measures in 2012 were Connecticut (HB5389) and Massachusetts (Ballot Question 3) respectively.

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