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Talk To 5 People This Week About Colorado Amendment 64


colorado amendment 64Help Get The Word Out About Regulating Marijuana Like Alcohol In Colorado

By Betty Aldworth, Advocacy Director, Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

With 16 days until Election Day, this race couldn’t be closer. And whether we make history by passing Amendment 64 on November 6 may come down to you.

This week, please talk to five people in Colorado about Amendment 64. This may be your parents, friends, or colleagues. With Coloradans starting to receive their ballots in the mail, now is the time to take action.

You can send them an email, a message on Facebook, or give them a call. Whatever you do, tell them why passing Amendment 64 is so important to you. Hearing it from someone they know and respect will make all the difference.

If you get a positive response, click here to send us an email letting us know how it went. We’ll put some of the most inspiring stories on our website in the coming days.

We have tens of thousands of supporters on our website and on Facebook. If everyone talks to five people they know, I have no doubt that’ll give us the edge we need to end marijuana prohibition on Election Day.

We have an opportunity to make history. I hope you’ll help us seize it.

P.S. Don’t know anybody in Colorado? You can still help by using our online phone bank to call voters and encourage them to vote YES on Amendment 64. Click here to start making some calls. Thanks so much.


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  1. On the surface this amendment seems so noble. But when you get to (IV) criminal actors. This is the stereo type I hate. When you read this amendment. You will find, these hypocrites trying to take over cannabis industry under the guise of compassion for their fellowman. Offering a inferior product to replace cannabis that grows naturally. My greatest concern, is people (patients) giving away their freedoms to Federal Government just so they can smoke weed. Which anyone who voted for should have been entitiled to. It is government who has failed the people, they were suppose to find a way to deliver this product to the people. Instead they have stolen the vote and made the people subject to themselves. Rules are meant to be broken when principle’s are in place. I still believe in a Government For The People and by the People.

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