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Talk To People About The Social Use Marijuana Campaign In Denver


campaign for limited social cannabis use denverI received the following message from the fine people at Vicente and Sederberg in regards to the social marijuana use campaign that is underway in Denver:

Thanks to generous contributions from supporters and the hard work of signature gatherers and the whole campaign team, the Denver Limited Social Cannabis Use campaign exceeded its target of 10,000 raw signatures! As you may have already seen in one of many news stories, the campaign submitted approximately 10,700 signatures to the Denver Elections Division yesterday.

The city now has 25 days to review the signatures to ensure that at least 4,726 of them are valid. Based on the campaign’s own internal validity checks, this is very likely to happen. So the campaign will now be shifting its attention toward garnering a majority of the votes in this November’s election. Yes, in less than three months, the people of Denver will decide whether social cannabis use will be permissible at venues where the owners and operators allow it.

Now is the time for you to be really active! We don’t need you to ask people for their signatures; we just need you to ask them for their vote. If you own or work at a medical or retail marijuana shop in Denver, let the campaign know if you are willing to have a poster or sticker displayed. (These will be available once the initiative qualifies.) If you have friends or relatives in Denver, let them know that this is a reasonable initiative and is deserving of their votes. And if you are willing to distribute materials in Denver this fall, visit the campaign site and let them know.

If we all work together, we can win this campaign! Please don’t be a passive observer of this potentially historic effort. Be sure to visit the campaign site if you need to learn more about the initiative and then Talk It Up! over the next three months.


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  1. Por'Cha Campbell on

    this new song i just see supports weed. I’m really going to get behind this. new weed anthem.ihttps://youtu.be/-rHrd37KCjc

  2. YOU CAN’T SMOKE INDOORS ANYWAY! This law does nothing to help cannabis consumption indoors with other like minded individuals. This is not a vote for smoking cannabis indoors as so many believe. Please read the initiative before you vote!

  3. I share your concern about the synergistic amplification effect, and politically speaking the separation between the two is likely to be the standard, but I’m skeptical about what would be the societal impact because people self-regulate their consumption to remain in their comfort zone rather than get more intoxicated than usual.

  4. What would stop them from walking from the alcohol bar to the THC bar next door before heading home? I seriously doubt that most people going to bars are always driving back sober. The existence of bars causes a great deal of drunk driving that exists..then after that, its retards going home from parties because they won’t sleep it off on the floor.

  5. I don’t seem to have problems with mixing drugs. But then again, I am not like a common person. For instance, I can mix alcohol opiates and cannabis with 0 problems resulting.

    My opinion- public consumption is asinine and not even desirable. I go to bars because other people, not because I think drinking with them at home is less desirable since I’d actually prefer not being around a bunch of dumbass strangers anyways.

    The only reason for this is if you are too damn lazy to duck out for a drag or two (god forbid; its such a “burden”) and need to advertize your life style.

  6. If you don’t like outsiders like Monsanto influencing your “local elections” don’t do this unless you are a Denver resident…otherwise, all that big corporate say influencing your elections is totally OK since you think its cool for you to do it.

  7. I believe it’s a mistake to serve marijuana in the same places that serve alcohol, because of the increased impairment that results from combining the two. This is especially true now when we don’t need any disastrous incidents involving marijuana before we dismantle the crumbling federal prohibition. – Let’s just have vapor lounges, please.

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