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Talk To Your Dad About Marijuana Reform On Father’s Day Weekend


Does Your Father Know About The Harms Of Marijuana Prohibition?

Luckily, my dad is already on board with marijuana legalization. Johnny Green Sr. taught me just about everything I know about the marijuana culture and industry. But for those of you that aren’t lucky enough to have a hip dad like mine, the Colorado Amendment 64 campaign just released the video below.

The video portrays a young man sharing his thoughts about the use of marijuana and alcohol with his father. The young man explains to his father that they’re a lot alike — they both work hard and have good jobs — but that unlike his father, the young man prefers to use marijuana to relax at the end of a tough day.

These are the types of conversations we need to start in order to pass Amendment 64 in Colorado. Supporters who understand that marijuana is an acceptable and less harmful alternative to alcohol need to explain this to their dads, granddads, and anyone else who hasn’t yet been educated on the topic.


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  1. Trust me. I’ve tried. We went on hour long debates. I’ve shown him countless articles. I’m going to college for drug policy too, and I know fully well the costs of prohibition, especially on such a benign substance like marijuana.

    Either way, I’m fine. I’ll be heading to graduate school soon and I’ll be out and about with Drug Policy Alliance or the National Cannabis Coalition. Although I can’t get him to see the good from marijuana, at least I can get other people to see it.

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    My dad has smoked all his life without knowing the real reasons behind prohibition. he has a newfound respect for me over the years from me tellin hi the truth.

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    That sucks bro. Even though my dad smoked he wasnt cool with me smoking and i got kicked out several times.
    Try educating your father. Tell him why pot is a better choice. Tell him the REAL story behind prohibition. becuase du pont secured the patent for sulferic acid making it possible to break down wood into paper creating a monopoly

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