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Talking About Cannabis With Our Kids Is The First Step Towards A More Healthy And Balanced Community


kids children cannabis marijuanaBy Jim McAlpine

When pondering what to write about regarding cannabis, I realized it was time to bring up the awkward issue of parenting and marijuana. Are you squirming in your seat yet? Thought so. That’s exactly why I’m speaking up. It’s a timely topic in our current climate, and one that many understandably want to avoid.

Similar to the dreaded “sex talk” (or any adult topic), speaking to your kids about marijuana can be intimidating and awkward. But we don’t have a choice; kids are much smarter than we give them credit for. That is why establishing the proper framework is so vital. cannabis is a plant, a plant that helps people. Simply saying “marijuana is a bad drug” is an even weaker statement than it was when your parents had this talk with you back in the day.

Starting the dialogue early is the best way to avoid this awkwardness. We are lucky. The paradigm has finally begun to shift—our kids won’t grow up with the same stigma that cannabis held for us. They are in the unique position to inherit a new landscape where herbal remedies are normal in so many households. So, it may feel weird, but the time has come to talk to your kids honestly about marijuana. Don’t feel the need to scare them, or to use information with shaky source material (i.e. the NDIA), or to rely on the old, “Just Say No”. This is the time to be real with our kids and tell them what cannabis is, and why it’s used in appropriate situations.

If you are already a supporter of medical cannabis, don’t feel pressured limiting cannabis use to just to people with life threatening diseases. Pleasure in it’s own right is not something that needs to be feared, but there are activities that are not meant for children, like that gin and tonic Mom and Dad sometimes have on the weekend. Our culture has become accustomed to this nuanced understanding with regards to alcohol, and using this analogy is a good way to de-stigmatize use without seeming like you are promoting it to your children.

Part of why this talk is so important is that normalization is the best defense parents have against creating problematic use later on in life. Anecdotally we all know that the kid who never gets sugar at home is the first to rip open the twinkies and sneak a Coke when they come over. The kid who never watches TV is going to go straight for the pay-per-view when his parents aren’t looking. Hiding and lying only heightens kids curiosity, not squashes it. What they see and know becomes, well, normal….and much less intriguing when the parents are not around.

No matter what method you take in talking to your children, remember that honesty is the paramount concern. Personally, I feel the best way to talk to a kid, about ANYTHING, is to keep it real and talk to them like they are people. Children perceive when they are being patronized and they inevitably resent it. It is far better to make children feel empowered, and the best way to do that is through engaging them in an honest and knowledge-based (both in terms of personal experience and scientifically vetted facts) discussion

So there’s my pitch. The insane and zany option of being honest with your kids about cannabis. No sweeping statements, no black and white pronouncements. No, “Drugs are bad mmm-K” or “This is your brain on drugs” frying pan sketches. Those hyperbolic campaigns of the past were so disingenuous that children see right through them- and will never trust you again if you parrot them in 2016.

Simply put, talking about cannabis with our kids is the first step towards a more healthy and balanced community. It may be a scary leap from past paradigms, but I feel I’m raising two aware, astute children that will be much better suited to enter high school and become young adults where they will begin to have to make decisions about sex, drinking, cannabis and many other things. Let’s educate our kids so they have the data and knowledge to make the right decision when the time comes.


This article was sent to Johnny Green by the author. Jim McAlpine is the creator of The 420 Games, which was established to show that cannabis users are NOT lazy, unmotivated or “stoners” and to de-stigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle.


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  1. I hope I’ve not offended anyone,that is just how I feel,I understand that it’s not everyone’s opinion or belief. I myself start smoking at 14 but I wasn’t allowed. I wish I had waited until I was fully mature enough to make an informed rational decision. I done a lot of things I regret and smoking kickstarted it. To each there own

  2. Just my opinion,but I gave 3 children,when they’re 18 they can do what they want but until then I don’t want them doing ,drinking,or taking anything. Mine don’t but If they had an medical issue or need is another story. No law or over baring big brother would keep me from getting them the help they needed. It is a wonderful antiseizure medicine,and would be better then the chemicals they give kids for adhd or any other acronym condition. Forgive me for the misspellings,English wasn’t my best subject.

  3. That’s why we have to stop this right now. There are two sides to a lie and three things that can happen.
    He tells the lie and either I say nothing and he goes on. I can say something and he may think about it. If enough people inform him the right way. It may make a change. Change? I’m not telling him what he can use. Hes taking from my truth. My life. And the lie that lives. 3 things that can happen 1. he keeps lies . 2 He tells and convinces others. 3. It stops he learns the truth and becomes a better person

  4. saynotohypocrisy on

    I think Demus just threw that bit in about wanting to get to the bottom of the controversy just to sound good. The rest of his post seems to make it clear that he’s a reefer madness enthusiast.

  5. David Murray on

    In his defense, there are people that make comments here, that have no business making comments at all. This weekend I argued with some nut named Sandra, she insisted that once a person smokes, they are perpetually high until the thc is out of their body.

  6. @ Moses; Viewers here may feel the same but your comment is not of help. Demus stated he wants to get to the bottom of the Cannabis controversy. His post hints he is unsure of what he knows. Bullying him won’t help. During the Dark Ages in history people were kept uneducated and Nobles hid knowledge. Similar to Cannabis/Hemp Prohibition, no?
    And if I didn’t spend time and correct errors every 10 seconds that are created by this wireless keyboard, you’d think I hadn’t left Nursery school.

  7. First Demus you should visit this website on the internet. Search and visit-

    Granny Storm Crow’s List 2015

    Many of the negative studies and rumors you hear are distributed by the USA government organizations. NIDA for one. Their research is aimed at finding bad results. Government pays for their research. So with a little reading Demus you may find what you want to know with positive results, not negative. Knowledge of the truth can be a powerful tool.

  8. darthhillbilly on

    Not worth a real response…if you feel that way in 2016, then nothing I can say will change your mind. The world is flat, white is right, and cigarettes are GREAT for your health…I do think you typed in the wrong web address…FOX news is not spelled theweedblog.com…

  9. Your an idiot . And illiterate . No spell check. No intelligence. You sound like your about 75
    Education about a medicine that is non toxic. Is not promotion of use. Get your facts straight. Do some real reserch. On the pc. Not fox. Alcohol is a well documented brain cell killer. In fact you can drink yourself to death in one night. . So sad your mind is so closed to the truth.

  10. Letting kids smoke cannabis, letting them eat cannabis candies and cookies and sharing them at school must be great, right? Either its good or bad. I need to get to the bottom of the cannabis controversy. Tons of new studies out prove cannabis causes low iq, psycosis, skitsofrenia, car crashes and suicides. Heavy pot smokers earn lower wages and live shittier lives than their parents.

  11. Talking about cannabis openly about it’s true benefits of what it can do for humanity around the world will be pretty much be the best way to help hasten the demise of Marijuana prohibition; I await that time.

  12. Thank you so much. I’ve gone through the gambit of emotions and understanding.
    My kids knew from an early age what a danger. Alcohol was. They could see it for themselves . We stop allowing alcohol in our house 15 years ago. All the people I knew even if they were rec. Weed users felt uncomfortable with my new sobriety . I don’t miss the dysfunction the drama. My children know I’m healthier with herb than without it. Most of the time no one knows when I’m under the influence so to speak. Just like my morphine. You don’t know if I don’t tell. We need to face this front on .
    It’s not our bodies that think cannabis is bad. That’s obviously true. It’s people with small minds and thier ideological insanity that there needs to be rules on how to treat ourselves . Of course that’s a simplification.
    White advantage. Bigotry greed. Ignorance. Deception contrivance of facts for misrepresentation .

    Our kids are a lot smarter . They don’t care about many things you thought were important. My kids k own the most
    important thing is love. To give it and get it. The rest is bullshit.

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