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Tax Proposed To Generate Money For Missouri Drug Task Forces

missouri drug task force

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Missouri’s drug task forces are bad for the citizens of Missouri. They don’t play by the rules, proven by the fact that Missouri drug task forces have repeatedly tried to keep members of the public out of their ‘public’ meetings. That has resulted in lawsuits being filed by activists with Show-Me Cannabis. If anything, Missouri drug task forces should be de-funded and disbanded. But, unfortunately, it sounds like they are trying to find a new revenue source in the form of a drug tax stamp. Per the Houston Herald:

State Rep. Shawn Rhoads wants Missouri to join more than 20 other states that already have taxes on illicit drugs in effect. He filed legislation, HB 1138, this week that would require individuals in possession of illegal substances such as marijuana or cocaine to obtain a drug tax stamp from the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Rhoads said his goal with the bill is to secure additional funding for the various drug task forces around the state that work diligently to keep illegal substances off the streets.

“Many other states including our neighbors to the west in Kansas utilize drug tax stamps as a way to generate an additional source of revenue,” said Rhoads, R-West Plains. “These laws in no way change the criminal penalties associated with possessing, using or distributing these illicit drugs, but they do allow the state to tax these goods in much the same way we do other items that are bought and sold.”

It makes me sad to know that on the same day that the State of Missouri moved forward on no less than four pro-marijuana bills last week, this bill was introduced. If you live in Missouri, make sure to contact your state officials and let them know that HB 1138 is ridiculous. They should be moving forward on drug policy in Missouri, not backwards. Also if you are in Missouri, make sure to get active with the Show-Me Cannabis campaign. They are doing everything they can to end marijuana prohibition in Missouri, and you should be too.


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  1. I guess this would be another reason my ancestors decided to leave Mizery over 100 years ago and continue on to the promised land of Washington and Oregon. That and maybe “Quantrill’s Raiders” had something to do with that too. Google that up for what Mizery must have been like back then. But irregardless, and as this news still shows, that was the right thing to do. And it still is…

  2. Bob Schneider on

    Hey the pig in Missouri bleeds just like any other man, and they understand that. That’s why they pick on people that they know won’t hurt em. Hell in short the pig in Missouri is pussy

  3. So, Missouri wants to escalate the war on its citizens. Instead of being smart & legalizing cannabis for tax revenue to fight actual crime like the meth labs, they are looking for excuses to use their free military toys on non-violent pot users. With the bills popping up to end the “policing for profit” our state is now famous for, they need a new financial tactic. Sure, they could make far more money by legalizing cannabis but then they would have to shift the focus of their military-style raids to other “criminal” populations who may be more prone to fight/shoot back.

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