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Taxpayers Pay $60 Per Marijuana Plant That The DEA Destroys In Oregon

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One of the biggest talking points in favor of ending marijuana prohibition is that it saves tax payer dollars, which are being wasted with every marijuana investigation and/or arrest. Oregon voters approved marijuana legalization in 2014. In that same year, the DEA spent a TON of taxpayer dollars on marijuana eradication. Per the Washington Post:

That year, the DEA succeeded in removing 16,067 pot plants from Oregon, which at first blush sounds like a lot of weed. But when you do the math, that works out to a cost to taxpayers of $60 per uprooted plant. That is a lot when you consider that nationally, it costs the DEA *ahem* $4.20 to eliminate a single marijuana plant under this program.

The DEA has budgeted $760,000 in marijuana eradication funds for Oregon this year, according to KGW. Considering that marijuana is now legal in that state, many Oregonians — including some members of Congress — are questioning whether that’s a sensible endeavor. They are trying to defund the federal anti-pot program that costs about $18 million a year overall.

The DEA is so hellbent on keeping marijuana prohibition in place, that it is spending more money per plant eradicated in a state where marijuana is legal than it does nationally – over 14 times more. I don’t support cartel grows by any means, but the way to get rid of those grows is to get rid of the demand for them by diverting that demand towards a regulated industry and home cultivation, and not by wasting sixty tax payer dollars per plant.

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  1. There deleting your comments, because you chatting utter shit… u let things like people growing there own plants, get to you, wot a sad life you must live.. I cant believe they aint blocked an deleted YOU, not just your comments. Gotta say though Bongstar420, I was finding it hard falling asleep but you bored the shit out of me that much im actually going to sleep.. thanks you boring F#*kwit……

  2. Thanks mikki. Here in Maryland it is in beginning stages for people to get medical marijuana and decriminalized for 9 grams or less. Currently trying to get a doctor to prescribe marijuana for wife’s health problems. Already have referral from primary doctor but with no dispensary or regulations in place yet it is sit and wait.

    Thank you for your efforts to get weed legal in California.

  3. Um…The marijuana tax will fund the OLCC to do this.

    Hope you like smoking raid and supporting miscreants that aren’t even good enough to produce clean product and pay taxes.

  4. As an individual…I don’t need legalization to self supply safely without threat of prison. Its called being a competent person and not selling my stash or otherwise distributing it.

    Legalization is so I don’t have to take piss tests and so I can make big profits selling a good buzz. And the same is for every other person whining about legalization. They wanna profit by sales and “sharing.”

    Legalizing pot is definitely not about liberty and a just society since its still illegal to make Morphine and sell that to qualified users as long as it passes quality standards.

    I still have to worry about picking mushrooms and drinking cactus tea…that is if I let other people see me. Otherwise I don’t. And if people would buy the stuff like pot, I’d be rallying for legalization. But since they won’t, I could care less. Self supply is safe when you’re competent.

    So, unless they start talking legalize all drugs for qualified users..I won’t buy any of this “freedom” junk.

    Do I have to go get a prescription for Amphetamines to “treat” my ADHD just to prove that there is something fishy about your scapegoating of drugs with similar pharmacology, but just more potent?

  5. Those plants will fetch $1500 per and are easily worth +12,000 doses per.

    $60/$1500= 4%

    …and these are illegal grows..probably on Federal property like National Forest.

    In a few years, it will be the OLCC in OR doing it since M91 mandated unregulated production control measures.

    Just remember. The growers like these people who are hellbent on not paying taxes or being regulated in any way are the ones spraying Raid on the product in addition to a whole litany of uncouth practices.

    BTW theweedblog.com. Stop deleting my comments just because you don’t wanna keep it 100.

  6. Mikki Caliesunn on

    I’m with Steve on this one…
    Though my text above was not finished…due to a malfunction…as a cancer patient I stood in front of many stores to get petitions signed to put 215 on the ballot in California …in the rain…in the heat and now America its time to step up to the plate in your state(s) and get your petition on the ballot…baby steps leads to greater steps for us all!!!

  7. Mikki Caliesunn on

    Though I feel much the same as most whom use, eat, smoke, grow cannabis and has done so since the mid seventies or earlier ….legalize cannabis..however; The fricken Federal Gov’t hasn’t! So that’s where our focus needs to be. Getting the country on track to stop waisting our tax dollars over a plant that’s been on this Earth longer than Frickin Congress has been in session over Cannabis. Our National Focus must be on our Congress to Fed’s to totally Legalize Cannabis overall …again yes we all know this fact but not voting, and getting a campaign begun in states where it needs to begun the process if getting a 215 on its ballots is the small steps in the right direction. Stay focused on eradicating Cocaine and Meth in America. Stop being just the person who just sits in the back seat while others make the ride take place. Be tthe voice in your state….push through the barriers…let your campaign be heard on legalized Cannabis! Yes I am a 4 time cancer patient but I stud in front of

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The DEA’s employees primary job is to protect their job. MJ legalization is a clear and present threat to their job security.

    In my opinion someone in law enforcement is generally willing to change teams when they or a family member contracts a debilitating medical condition such as childhood epilepsy and are desperate for some type of medical relief. I find this to be very selfish on their part.

  9. To stop the DEA from wasting money on marijuana prohibition we the people need to give them good reasons to stop.
    1. Sign petitions nation wide to make weed legal.
    2. Made our politicians aware of all benefits of marijuana medical and recreational.
    3.the DEA can then put tax payer money towards herion, crack, and synthetic drug prohibition.

  10. DEA is running out of things to bitch about. These anti-Cannabis people will look like the flat earthers of old.

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