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Ted Cruz: Legal Marijuana Is A State Right


Sen. Ted Cruz and Sean Hannity joke about marijuana brownies and discuss the federal government’s response to state marijuana laws.

“I actually think this is great embodiment of what Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis called ‘the laboratories of democracy,'” Cruz said. “If the citizens of Colorado decide they want to go down that road, that’s their prerogative. I don’t agree with it, but that’s their right.”

See other politicians who support marijuana law reform at http://MarijuanaMajority.com


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  1. If it is the state’s right, then he should be prosecuted for his admitted pot use in his home state of Texas where it is not legal. He and Jeb Bush should both thank God that they were never prosecuted under the same laws that they support.

  2. MrPC:

    Is that you Barak? You seem to hate white America as much as the Prez. Does that make you a racist as well?

  3. Fritz the Cat on

    Exactly how is Rand Paul a “far right loonie?”

    He seems quite sane when compared to the lying Muslim anti-American lunatic inhabiting the White House.

  4. You are quite right we need a 21st Century government. One where the Constitution can be totally ignored. As it is for Cannabis Prohibition. The 4th Amendment, The Fifth Amendment. etc. And no need to write a new Constitution. Just ignore the old one.

    You know. I don’t believe evolution is a Federal function. But if you would like to make it one….

    But let me ask again – where are the Democrat contenders who are speaking out on the racism of Prohibition. Rand Paul is. And he has Democrat help. Corey Booker.

  5. Clinton said the same thing. They’re all actually going the neutral route, saying it’s a state right’s issue instead of coming out for or against legalization. This is their best option to not lose the voters they need from whichever side they really stand on. As Obama has proved, it doesn’t matter who the president is, public policy won’t be established based on science and facts no matter how many times they openly declare that.

  6. Oh, please. The Tea Party fixation with “the founders” is absurd. Like those privileged, white, slave-owning landed gentlemen were prescient and understood what life would be like in the 21st century? Give it a rest. And mention to Mr. Cruz and Mr. Paul that evolution is real, the world isn’t flat, and they will NEVER see the inside of the White House, unless they’re on the public tour.

  7. So where is the Democrat Presidential candidate who even talks about the issue?

    BTW small government is a lunatic idea? You might want to consult with the founders.

  8. Yet, it was under this President’s watch that we now have several states with legalized marijuana, and the feds are letting it happen. Just a coincidence?

  9. Shocking! A cynical politician, willing to say or do anything to advance his career! I am stunned!

  10. It would be a shame to elect Rand Paul or Ted Cruz strictly because of their support for legalized marijuana. Both these guys are far-right loonies, but prove the adage, “even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

  11. It is a matter of who to support. I rank them by Extent of support and then length of support.

    Right now with everything wide open I rank them as follows.

    1. Rand Paul
    2. Ted Cruz

    And you have to ask yourself – where are the Democrats? It is peculiar given that the Democrat rank and file have been the biggest supporters for ending Prohibition.

  12. When this president moves his lips it’s come to mean that the words will count for virtually nothing and won’t be acted upon, it’s merely political rhetoric.

  13. He needs to hook up with Hillary, that would cause a mirror to crack if they looked into it at the same time…

  14. Who cares how or when they come around, the important thing is that they are coming around.
    However, beating them up when they’re getting on board is counterproductive to the cause.
    Why would anyone want to change their mind about an issue knowing full well that “the other side” is going to chastise them forever.
    We need to continue reaching out to people, it’s the only viable way to win them over.

  15. Ted Cruz is dead wrong.

    Cannabis use is a HUMAN RIGHT, and as such should never have been voted out by the thugs.

  16. True, but the video (as a whole) left a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak. It bothers me how they broached the subject as something that should be laughed about — they established cannabis law reform shouldn’t be taken seriously from the very onset of the “question” Hannity slow-pitched for Ted. Hannity, Ted, and their insidious ilk must learn cannabis prohibition is not some silly punch-line.

    It’s frustrating to watch guys like these two sensationalist sock-puppets “agree” with us in principle while they stand there snickering like obnoxious frat boys pretending to listen to girls they’re planning to roofie, later. Brass tacks, Ted didn’t come down on our side, he simply said that we have a valid 10th Amendment claim.

    Yes, Ted managed to hit the States Rights talking-point, but he did so in a very rehearsed, expected way, and we cannot forget that the very last thing he says is that he, personally, doesn’t agree with it. In one well-scripted YouTube moment, Ted re-established the credibility he lost when he made those criticisms concerning DOJ inaction and cannabis legalization over a year ago, and he did so without taking one single step to the left (which he would have, had he taken the question the least bit seriously).

    I must give credit where credit is due — Ted knows how to wink at both sides of an argument and convince them both he’s in their corner. Not that it’s hard to deliver a rehearsed speech, but it certainly *IS* hard to score points on both ends of the field, concurrently.

    While the obnoxiousness upsets my calm, I can at least recognize it as the last bastion they have: degrading and belittling the issue. You can’t lie about cannabis, anymore — you can only try to shrug it off and hope the people who laugh with you remain in a fact-free vacuum, i.e., that they are born, live, and die under the same rock with no Wi-Fi.

  17. Joseph Dustin on

    If you don’t like a bunch of Jack Asses in thousand dollar suits telling you what to do with your life buy a gun or three, live your life the way you see fit and as it was intended by the founders of this country if someone comes to you and tries to abuse your rights…… fight back. In a quite literal sense of course. As long as my actions harm Noone else I will never be a prisoner. I would rather be dead and free than alive and someone’s slave.

  18. Whether by seeing the light or by feeling the heat, Ted Cruz ended up in the right pew. It’s a grand occasion, don’t you think?

  19. Not only is it a state rights issue it is absolutely a human rights issue. Stop the persecution of Marijuana users

  20. Steal it all – pass it around. I’m a Republican myself and just LOVE accusing them of Stalinism. Makes their heads explode. Which they should. I want to make it so that none of them dare admit they were ever for Prohibition.

  21. Mister science on

    Bravo, well said! I hope you do not mind if I borrow your quote because I believe that ehrlichman’s words are the best explanation ,succinct as they are about why drugs are really illegal in this country, offenders are truly political prisoners!

  22. States rights? What about INDIVIDUAL rights?
    American adults should be free to live their lives without government intrusion into their homes. It doesn’t matter if marijuana is unhealthy or not. We claim to live in a free country where people enjoy the right to individual liberties. Freedom doesn’t mean freedom to do only healthy things that your neighbors approve of. It’s not up to the state, or federal government to manage our personal choices, in the privacy our own homes.

  23. Well good for him. But it doesn’t go far enough.

    Nixon went after cannabis to jail his political enemies. The essence of Stalinism.

    “Look, we understood we couldn’t make it illegal to be young or poor or black in the United States, but we could criminalize their common pleasure. We understood that drugs were not the health problem we were making them out to be, but it was such a perfect issue…that we couldn’t resist it.” – John Ehrlichman, White House counsel to President Nixon on the rationale of the War on Drugs.

  24. Dear Mr. Cruz,, The CSA is what many states use as a way to punt back to you. How many times have been heard from our state reps., “that It’s illegal on a federal level, we cant do anything about it, the feds hold the cards”. So the states balk.

  25. I loved seeing Cruz and Hannity yukking it up over Colorado brownies. If I were a marijuana fighter, I’d take their jocularity as a slap in the face.

  26. Nice about-face, Ted. It wasn’t that long ago (a little more than a year) he was criticizing the DOJ and the President for not enforcing the Controlled Substances Act by allowing CO and WA to legalize. Just as you’d expect, every person on the planet who has ever heard the expression “State’s Rights” jumped Ted’s case.

    Lo and behold, one year later, now cannabis legalization is a State’s Rights issue for Ted. Of course, the very last thing he said in the video was “I don’t agree with it, but it’s their right.” Not exactly a resounding endorsement.

    The reason every politician in the US either “doesn’t agree” with cannabis legalization or simply refuses to take a position is that they’re not yet convinced cannabis advocates are a voting block. The polls keep ticking upward in favor of reforming our broken laws, however. More initiatives pass in each election cycle than not. By this time next year, I expect more politicians to have opinions, and I expect fewer and fewer to say “I don’t agree with it.”

  27. Typical politician flip flopping on an issue. Just last year Ted Cruz blasted Obama for looking the other way when Colorado legalized marijuana. Now he agrees with Obama’s policy.

    “At a January 2014 event in Texas, he said there are “some reasonable arguments on that issue.” But he also blasted the president for ignoring federal drug laws and allowing residents in Colorado and Washington to carry out their marijuana policies.
    “…Mind you these are criminal laws,” Cruz said. “These are laws that say if you do ‘X, Y, and Z’ you will go to prison. The president announced, ‘No, you won’t.’”


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