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Telephone TownHall Meeting With Dr. Carl Hart And The Drug Policy Alliance


carl hartBy David Borden

Protecting Our Children: How Drug Education Is Failing Our Kids and What We Need To Do About It

A Telephone TownHall Meeting Hosted by the Drug Policy Alliance, Thursday, May 14, 1:00-2:00pm EST

Featuring: Dr. Carl Hart, Associated Professor, Columbia University and Research Scientist, New York State Psychiatric Institute, in conversation with asha bandele, Director Advocacy Grants Program, Drug Policy Alliance.

Visit http://bit.ly/DrCarlHart to RSVP. Space is limited. Audience participation is encouraged.

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  1. russell bowles on

    As I watch the governor in Baltimore on cnn speak of repair and reconciliation, I wish the cops would pull up and throw all the politicians and reporters up against the wall to check for drugs, manhandled, probed, then handcuffed, vehicles towed, bail set, towing fees, storage fees, lawyer fees, court fees, fines, you know, the pain the American People suffer every day under the unconstitutional pot war and the drug war(120,000 killed below our border in our drug war and pot war)…if drugs and pot were legal-taxed-regulated the ten and twelve year old wouldn’t need a gun, the taliban wouldn’t need al/queder, South America could feed and school its People, Chicago, Afghan, Columbian, and Mexican Families could stop going to funerals, and the cartels and terrorists growing tentacles in the U.S. would wither and die… or should we wait until every politician has to have their own private military as our streets erupt in fire and death… Stop the pot and drug wars before they stop US…

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