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Tell ActBlue That Marijuana Prohibition Is Not Progressive

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It’s my understanding that ActBlue has been around for 11 years. According to their website, “ActBlue is a non-profit, building fundraising technology for the left. Our mission is to democratize power and help small-dollar donors make their voices heard in a real way.”

It has been brought to light that ActBlue is currently facilitating donations for an effort in Massachusetts that OPPOSES marijuana legalization. How in the world does that fit with ActBlue’s mission statement? I think it’s very obvious that it doesn’t. As such, the organization Marijuana Majority has started a petition urging ActBlue to support progress, and not harmful marijuana prohibition. Prohibition is not progressive, and has ruined many lives. Below is more information about the petition, which can be signed at this link here (currently at 3,888 signatures):

Marijuana prohibition drives mass incarceration and worsens economic inequality, especially among black communities that are disproportionately targeted for arrests and punishment. A top Nixon advisor even admitted that the war on drugs was started to oppress people of color.

Marijuana prohibition has always been a war against progress. But now ActBlue, a group claiming to be a leading champion for progressive values, is playing a key role in continuing criminalization.

Massachusetts, like other states, will vote on legalization this November, and public support is strong. But ActBlue is working against progress in favor of the failed status quo by raising money for the campaign to defeat legalization in the Bay State.

ActBlue claims to support only progressive causes but, by collaborating with prohibitionists, they’re actively working against one of the most important progressive causes of our time.

Of course, not only people on the left support legalization. Conservatives like that it will restore respect for the law, and libertarians support individuals’ right to control what they put in their bodies. But the overwhelming majority of progressives want to see marijuana legalized, with the most recent poll in Massachusetts finding 64% of Democrats in favor of the initiative, and only 29% opposed. This 35-point lead makes it clear that progressives in the Bay State support marijuana reform.

Progressives and legalization supporters must unite to tell ActBlue to stop supporting prohibitionists. We should be working together to support legalization, not prolonging racist policies of criminalization.

Join us in telling ActBlue to support progress, not prohibition!


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  1. Sure eat all the PLANTS you want. And yes, coca leaf is useful. Once something is extracted, then it no longer fits the definition of “a plant”. There’s a difference between that and “from a plant”

  2. People are ready to get what they want..and only facts that weigh in their favor are allowed.

  3. THC has little effect on driving for experienced users….most people are not experienced users and never will become habituated enough to not be effected.

    Driving moralities from Cannabis are low because pot heads are self conscious and over estimate their impairment.

  4. Those numbers are minuscule and insignificant.

    Do you understand that they represent less than 1% of the total population?

    …this data supports anti-prohibition

  5. Cocaine is cool
    Amphetamine is not
    ….because cocaine is extracted from a plant and amphetamine is synthesized in a lab

    oh, wait. I found plants with traces of amphetamines in them. I guess that its OK then. ;)

  6. Actually, thats caused by dumb people looking to ca$h in. I grew illegally for a decade and never did anything like that.

  7. So putting people in jail for Cocaine extract is progressive while putting people in jail for Tetrahydrocannabinol extract is not progressive?

  8. Troallio is never ready for an honest dialogue. Troallio is a project SAM troll and a liar.

  9. Just another shill planted by the Establishment. It’s tough fighting the forces of billionaire corporations who are protecting their money interests in all the poisons that the government allows them to produce and sell LEGALLY.
    What a fuking joke this Country is . Except it’s the type of joke that garners crying rather than a good laugh. Yeah, one can laugh first at our government as being a funny joke, BUT then when you actually have to live it EVERY DAY, it becomes not-so-funny…

  10. This is a total lie on the part of Prohibitionists ! Come one now, do YOU really believe this “data” ????
    You are a freakin’ fool if you believe this crap.
    You’ve now been outed as an ill-informed sheep, herded into the flock of the brainwashed. Obviously, you then support Big Business, Big Alcohol, Big Tobacco, and Big Pharma ——— all of which KILL over 100,000 Americans EACH year.
    Congrats on not using your own noggin’ ….

  11. I wholeheartedly agree.
    If people were cultivating a plant that started wars, that killed 100,000s of people, that drop carpet bombs on the innocent, that eats up one’s internal organs like they were breakfast food, etc. , etc. ; THEN and only then would I even give a thought to prohibiting someone from growing a plant.
    Yes, as we “progress” toward total legalization, there ARE present and future issues that MUST be considered. This Movement is about freedom-of-choice, BUT freedoms-of-choice do not give one the right to compromise the health and safety of others OR our environment.
    EVERYTHING we do, no matter what the endeavor, MUST be done with respect for others’ right to live their life as they see fit, AND be the best-of-custodians when it comes to caring for our Earth.

  12. http://cloudfront-assets.reason.com/assets/db/14237659005232.pdf

    The study I’ve linked above by the NHTSA debunked their own numbers and found that THC has very little effect on driving, The report states that they have been judging the effects of cannabis wrong and are re-evaluating how they decide it’s impact on driving, It also goes on to add:

    “Two recent population-based case control studies have estimated the crash risk of drug use by drivers by using NHTSA’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) 2007 data for the crash-involved driver population and the 2007 National Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drug Use by Drivers for the control drivers (Lia, Bradya, & Chen, 2013; Romano, Torres-Saavedra, Voas, & Lacey, 2014). The Li study estimated the increased risk of crash involvement for drivers using marijuana at 1.83 times that of drug-free
    drivers, while the Romano study found no increased risk of crash involvement for those drivers testing positive for THC (the main psychoactive substance in marijuana).”

    You must remember that cannabis has been Schedule 1 since Nixon in 1970 which means that it cannot be researched legally. Pot was portrayed in society as a dirty drug associated with Mexicans and hippies. Law enforcement agencies with no clue about the effects of cannabis were allowed to attribute it to all their woes with NO RESEARCH REQUIRED (or even allowed). Now that the government is actually doing the research they are finding out how wrong they were. Podunk sheriffs across the land are pissed. http://marijuanapatients.org/local-sheriff-threatens-state-rep-pro-medical-pot-bills/

  13. Maybe ActBlue knows something. Legalization has been a disaster here in Southwest Oregon. Indiscriminate use of rodenticides, wells going dry, bulldozed forests and thugs waving guns around. I was all for legalization, but without strong land use regulations, it is a bad deal for rural people and for forests.

  14. Agreed. It’s a plant as well, and it is a right we have as human beings to grow, use, or have whatever relationship we chose with ALL plants. (Except for befouling the sacredness of ALL life by violating the species barrier)
    And to do this without interference from some type of ” Big Brother “

  15. saynotohypocrisy on

    Cigarettes and guns kill in large number, cannabis doesn’t. And there’s a difference betweeen regulating and/or taxing cigs, trans fat and guns and prohibiting cannabis. There’s nothing wrong with taxing a substance to make up for the harm it causes that society has to pay for.

  16. michael_ellis on

    Just saw the following from Marijuana Majority (via change.org) in my inbox:

    APR 22, 2016 — Good news! It looks like our petition is having an impact: The campaign against legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts just dropped ActBlue as its primary donation partner and switched to another company, Fundraise.com.

    But, because the ActBlue donate page is still live (even if not linked from the prohibitionist “Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts” homepage anymore), we still need to step up pressure on ActBlue until they disavow the criminalization of marijuana and stop helping to raise money to support its continuation.

    We know that the Fundraise.com page was created just in the past 24 hours, so your efforts on the petition to date are clearly having an impact!

    Read more at https://www.change.org/p/actblue-marijuana-prohibition-is-not-progressive/u/16323059?tk=6ehRystGEfqh_CUVQJIzjczcy5vlt_nJpL7mxMpI4OU&utm_source=petition_update&utm_medium=email

  17. DukyDavyDook797883 on

    If marijuana prohibition is not progressive, then cigarette tax hikes, cigarette flavoring bans and smoking bans in bars, restaurants and casinos isnt progressive either. Its hypocritical to oppose cigarettes, trans fat and guns but then support legalizing marijuana.

  18. michael_ellis on

    I’ve unsubscribed from their emailings. There’s a tiny link in the bottom of the messages. The unsubscribe page has a place to tell them why. If enough of us do it, they’ll get the message. It’s already gotten their attention according something I read yesterday — sorry, can’t recall exactly where at the moment.

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