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Tell Congress It’s Time To End Funding For The War On Cannabis Patients


Federal Medical Marijuana Can eric holder patients for peaceBy Steph Sherer, Executive Director, Americans for Safe Access

While U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder delivered a commencement speech for UC Berkeley law school graduates last Saturday, an airplane hired by Americans for Safe Access (ASA) flew overhead with a banner that read “Holder: End Rx Cannabis War #Peace4Patients”. The action was in response to recent attacks on medical cannabis by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) targeting the San Francisco Bay Area. But this was also the launch of ASA’s “Peace for Patients Campaign” aimed at ending the war on medical cannabis patients.

Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have passed laws allowing patients to access medical cannabis under the recommendation of their doctor. Over one million people in the US are legally using medical cannabis, and 84% of Americans support the use of medical cannabis. Yet the federal government continues to use precious resources to wage a war on these medical cannabis programs, and in its path, disrupts the lives of patients, displaces workers, tramples on state and local governments, and takes individuals away from their families.

The US House of Representatives and Senate will be mulling over the budgets for the DOJ and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) this summer, and they have the power to stop these agencies from spending resources to carry out this war. But they need to hear from the 84% that support medical cannabis if we expect them to do it. That is where YOU come in.

We need your commitment over the next few months to spread the word about the need to end the war on patients. Join the “Peace for Patients Campaign” by calling on Congress to stop the war on patients and resolve the conflict between federal and state laws once and for all.  

Thank you for helping.


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  1. Dale C. & Sean. The internet has enabled people to sit back and think someone else is taking care of the problem instead of face to face discussions. I agree information is easier to come by but what do we do with the info? I hope you both are doing your part to make legalization a reality, as for myself, I’ll be in court 6-11-13 pleading not guilty to cultivation of mj, under five plants. I’m gonna see how serious my local gov is concerning the situation. peace

  2. I personally feel that the new age of internet has hampered the legalization of MMJ. In the 60’s if this had been as popular, weed have been in the streets and overloading the jail and court system. As I am a member of this generation, I apologize to the younger generation for our inaction. Keep on though and don’t give up, I’ll be with ya canes and all, peace.

  3. This a war against the pharmaceutical companies. Marijuana has so many uses, cures for ailments and psychological distress. It’s a shame they won’t legalize, I am ready for a new way of life and so are the other 84% who support medical cannabis.

  4. molallaindian on

    That tin pictured above is provided to it’s owner by the same federal government that tries to mess with the rest of us. There are still a small number of medical marijuana patients who were given their prescription straight from good ole uncle Sam. Hypocrites!!

  5. sinsibility on

    I’ve just had it work for me. Give it another try.
    Hopefully it was overloaded!

  6. We the people
    have the power to persuade those in power with our sheer numbers- it is
    time to stand together and demand and end to the prosecution and
    conviction of law abiding citizens- Demand that your state represents
    their people and the laws they passed, do not let your local and state
    leaders sit idly by, they represent your voice, you elected them, lets
    put them to work!

  7. I can not for the life of me figure why the govt. makes cannabis illegal., when, if allowed to be sold on the open market, they would gain more. Medical cost would drop, the “war on drugs” could be fought more better, cannabis could be taxed- like every thing else, it would be a win- win situation. Think back to the days of probation, gangsters ( cartels now) liquor out lawed (cannabis now) what is being gained-0-. It is a govt. thing, trying to control the people. The govt. wanted a “smokeless society” by the year 2000- didn’t happen! But smoking has changed, and maybe they will eventually get there way.

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