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Tell Congress To Watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Documentary “Weed” Today On CNN


congress marijuana sanjay gupta weedBy Hunter Holliman, National Field Coordinator, Americans For Safe Access

Ahead of a widely publicized CNN documentary on medical marijuana this Sunday at 8pm ET, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has spoken out on the news magazine circuit to humbly apologize for misleading the American public on the issue. Calling the federal government’s policy on medical marijuana “hypocritical,” Dr. Gupta interviews physicians and medical marijuana patients, and even travels to Israel in order to let the public know about this important therapy.

Send a letter to your Congressional Reps asking them to watch Dr. Gupta’s historic documentary this weekend!


Directly after the CNN documentary on medical marijuana — at 9:30pm ET on Sunday — ASA will host a Google Hangout to continue the discussion begun by CNN and Dr. Gupta. The Google Hangout will feature some of the same guests in the documentary as well as additional experts in the medical cannabis field. The media and general public are invited and encouraged to join the discussion and can submit questions or comments on the ASA YouTube Channel in real time.

What: Google Hangout on medical marijuana, discussing issues raised in Sanjay Gupta’s documentary and more
Featuring: Dr. Alan Shackelford, Matt and Paige Figi (from the CNN documentary), as well as Dr. Sunil Aggarwal and Huffington Post DC Bureau Chief Ryan Grim
When: Sunday, August 11th at 9:30pm ET
Where: ASA YouTube Channel 

Thank you for your support in getting the word out!


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  1. Deborah Turner on

    Can anyone please send me the link to the documentary that Dr. Sanja Gupta had on CNN last week called ” Weed ” please ? I had it on my time line and now I cant seem to find it. Thank you so much. :)

  2. ef congress, don’t ask them to watch anything – ORDER THEM to legalize already !!! They work for us, not the other way around!

  3. I need help. I have a husband that is fourty four years old. Extreme pain all the time. He has ulcerative colitis acute pancreatititis and Barrett esophagus. We live in Texas….hes on a morphin ir 15. Fentenal seventy five mcg.protonix asacol.zophrin. HELP..AND THEY R WANTING TO REMOVE HIS COLON…HELP I NEED ADVICE..

  4. After watching the show, anyone who could say marijuana isn’t beneficial as medicine needs to fire one up and be enlightened. Charlotte’s story should be all the evidence needed. Bravo to the bros. in colorado for saving her life…….

  5. everyone who doubts its medical uses legitimacy absolutely must see this, that whole thing with the little girl made I think of what if this was I daughter, when on the same day a couple is finally being put to justice after letting 3 of their children die due to faith healing, neglected to get commonly available treatment for illness and let their children die, while others struggle to get any one to let them have a cure for their daughter that worked, not just every 2-6 hours, but for nearly a week at a time, and to be able to see someone on as many meds as that kid, be helped in one hit, thats visual evidence, you can’t record it ease my chronic pain, but you can’t record god either yet we let people kill their kids in the name of religion, America and the rest of the world needs to get its act together, for human kind, and maybe when everyone smokes and accepts that ganjah was put on this planet for the healing of the nations, to cure our depression, rage, anger, pain and cancer, help our old and young alike, maybe this world will all finally stop with their rat race, listen to some Bob Marley, learn to judge not, and spread peace and love among one another

  6. Corilyn Margaret Lantroop on

    watched the entire show and was really interested in the little girl Charolett, wow!!! what a choice for parents to make, but a trly natural and good one!!!! Everyone should have watched this show!!!!!!!

  7. Gregory Frazier on

    Could allways try cnn.com, they might stream it. I am sure it will be on youtube after it airs.

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