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Tell Obama To Grant Clemency For Medical Marijuana Patients Caught In Cross Fire


obama finger in earsAsk President Obama to Grant Clemency For Patients Dale Schafer and Dr. Mollie Fry

Dr. Mollie Fry and her husband Dale Schafer live in Cool, California with their family until May 2nd, when they will be forced to serve 5 years each in federal prison. Mollie and Dale are both qualified patients who use cannabis therapeutically. They should never have been tried in federal court let alone sent to prison for helping patients. Ask Obama to grant them clemency by clicking here.

Mollie is a physician and a breast cancer survivor who underwent a radical mastectomy in 1997. When more common drugs meant to deal with the effects of chemotherapy didn’t work, Mollie turned to medical cannabis. After her oncologist, who agreed with her use of medical cannabis, refused to provide Mollie with written approval, she quickly learned that the struggle for patients was finding doctors who were willing to recommend its use. Mollie soon thereafter, with encouragement from the local sheriff, started a specialized clinic for medical cannabis patients.

Dale, an attorney, is also a qualified patient who has treated the effects of his hemophilia and chronic back pain. Dale has been active for years in the medical cannabis movement and ran for El Dorado County District Attorney in 2001. Dale began cultivating Mollie’s medication and eventually also provided it to a handful of local patients for free, with the consent of the sheriff and in full compliance with California law. Dale also provided classes and the equipment for patients to be able to cultivate their own medication.

The same year that Dale announced his candidacy for district attorney, he helped establish medical cannabis cultivation guidelines for the county. Also in 2001, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that medical necessity could not be used as a defense in federal court, at which point Dale abruptly stopped providing medical cannabis to other patients. Nevertheless, on September 28, 2001, more than 20 state and federal agents with guns drawn raided the home and offices of Mollie and Dale. Only 34 plants and less than 2 pounds were seized in the raid, but agents turned their home and offices upside down and additionally seized Mollie’s private patient records.

No indictments resulted from the 2001 raid until less than 3 weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June 2005 that the government could enforce federal marijuana laws even in medical marijuana states. On June 22, 2005, Mollie and Dale were arrested and charged federally with manufacturing and conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana. Although Dale never grew more than 44 plants in a given year, well below the local 99-plant guideline, the federal government was able to add up the plants he had grown over a multi-year period in order to seek a 5-year mandatory minimum sentence associated with growing more than 100 plants.

After a 2-week trial in August 2007, during and the following year were sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Frank Damrell to 5 years each. Released on bail pending their appeal, Mollie and Dale saw the transition to the Obama Administration and had hope for a more compassionate federal policy. However, the Obama Justice Department did not break stride and continued to vigorously prosecute their case. In November 2010, the Ninth Circuit denied their appeal and shortly after the government moved to revoke bond on the couple. Then, in March Judge Damrell ordered them to surrender on May 2nd.

Mollie and Dale have been punished enough. They already had their licenses to practice medicine and law revoked. By sending Mollie and Dale to prison, the Obama Administration is further punishing them and needlessly breaking up their family of 5 children and 2 grandchildren. “Cannabis is proven medicine. Why would the state of California create laws based on what the people want, and then allow the federal Government to override them?” Mollie asked in an article about their case. “I had cancer, we were growing medicine. I was helping people.”

President Obama has failed to keep his pledge to medical cannabis patients.

After President Bush’s aggressive campaign against medical cannabis, the patient community embraced then-Senator Obama’s pledge on the campaign trail that he was “not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws.” And, his October 2009 Justice Department memo seemed to be proof that Obama was serious about medical cannabis policy change. However, we are which they were denied any medical learning that the patient community has defense, Mollie and Dale were found guilty been deceived.

Since the memo was issued, the Obama Administration has conducted no less than 74 raids on medical cannabis patients, providers and laboratories in California, Colorado, Michigan, Montana and Nevada, resulting in nearly two-dozen new indictments. The Obama Justice Department has continued to prosecute federal cases leftover from the Bush presidency with equal if not greater vigor. The prosecution against Mollie and Dale is such a case.
In addition to aggressive federal raids, the Obama Administration is using the banking industry and the IRS to undermine the implementation of state medical cannabis laws. Under the guise of a new policy on medical cannabis, President Obama has not only continued his predecessor’s tactics but increased their intensity and broadened their scope. This duplicity must stop!

Demand clemency for Mollie and Dale

Mollie and Dale don’t deserve to go to prison, but President Obama may hold the only key to their freedom. Mollie and Dale are seeking clemency from the U.S. government and need your help. By granting clemency, President Obama can end Mollie and Dale’s unnecessary incarceration, but he needs to hear from you to know how important this is.

Send a note to President Obama and urge him to grant clemency for Mollie and Dale by clicking here.

Get updates and donate to Mollie and Dale’s defense fund: FreeDocFry.com

Source: Americans for Safe Access


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  1. aka Th Floridabadger on

    Just reclassify Mary Jane! If ur Not gonna be good for anything else!!

    THANK YOU…………………………. 

  3.  i mean if sodomy is legal, i should be able to smoke dope. just saying is all.

  4. Mr President, please allow Medical Marijuana , for those in NEED. Now that we know of the wonderful,NATURAL HEALING PROPERTIES, no-one should be DENIED. For we now ALL know marijuana is a NATURAL HERB & NOT A DRUG AT ALL, PLEASE HAVE IT RE-CLASSIFIED, as to what it REALLY IS… AN HERB, NOT A DRUG!  & ALLOW this INSANE WAR ON DRUGS TO STOP BREAKING US EVEN MORE THEN IT ALREADY HAS. :/ ***ALLOW THOSE IN NEED***.~THANKS!~

  5. aka TH FloridaBadger on

    When are “they” gonna  realize that the man CANNOT live up to what he claimed to get elected! Surprised I’m not! Every elected official HAS to strreetch his lies to public for votes!! That IS All Politicians care about! FK the little people! I’m the law today!! Sound about rite?!

  6. Terry Brookshire on

    YEAH… Deborah i know what you mean my 16 yr. old son got murdered in his mom’s home by a man burglarizing it they gave him 30 yrs. in a state where poss. of weed over 2 oz. & DONT EVEN THINK OF GROWIN IT!!!!

  7. Terry Brookshire on

    You HIT!!! the nail on the HEAD …………..RICH ASSHOLES that run our country NOT the gov. BUT RICH P.O.S.

  8. You are so right our country has gone to shit. Still love the USA but not the government.  

  9. Darkseducer on

    I’m a 50 year old man who lives in Wyoming, I have hep c, liver cancer and severe muscle tremors in my neck that cause my head to shake uncontrollably. A few years ago I smoked pot for the first time in 30 years and I found it stopped the nausea and the pain from the liver cancer and instantly stopped the tremors in my neck so I could finally lead a normal life. I got some seeds and grew a few small plants in my closet, always making sure I never harvested enough to have felony amounts in my home,but 2 months ago I was raided by men wearing riot gear and hazmat suits, they went door to door telling my neighbors to stay inside because of “deadly spores”.. I know this was a scare tactic to justify the outrages expense it cost them to bust me and to make my neighbors think I was a menace to society, but it backfired on them, even the 80 year old woman next door was pissed off at them for treating her like a fool and for wasting her tax dollars to bust a well respected, hard working member of the community for a couple of tiny pot plants. But I still lost everything, my job, my home, and possibly my freedom because they are weighing the stalk, stems and all to come up with enough to get me for a felony. This has nothing to do with pot, this has to do with “defunding” the left and shutting us up at the voting booth. For years they have associated pot with liberals so they want to give as many of us as possible felony convictions so we can’t vote. Even the Sheriff who took me to jail said he had never seen anything like the raid on my small home, not even for serial murderers or terrorists, they brought in two semi trucks full of equipment and 35 people to go through my 700 square foot home, i offered to take them right to the 2’x4′ closet where everything was but they would have none of that, they had to make a huge production out of the raid. The strange thing is they have yet to file any charges. I spent one night in jail with 150 republican meth heads and violent criminals who were screaming racial slurs as they watched fox news (the only channel the jailers would allow them to watch) then I was let out on $300 bond and they have yet to file any charges.

     I am so sick of this shit I could explode, the wingnut mormons are getting away with felony polygamy and even have a reality show about it. They claim that “it’s a bad law that needs to be changed” but when it comes to pot all they ever say is “you broke the law, so you go to jail”/ This is the most fucked up country in the world, we are the ones who forced all the other countries to comply with our insane drug laws not the other way around. No other countries had laws against smoking or growing pot until Harry Anslinger pushed it on them with threats of withdrawing all US foriegn aid to any country that wouldn’t make it a crime. We are a fascist dictatorship and the president is just a puppet whose strings are being pulled by a few rich assholes who want us all to be just like them (except for the rich part). You know I am not worried the world is going to end on dec 21, I am worried that nothing will happen and everything will stay just like it is now. If I dont go to prison I am out of this fucked up state and maybe out of this fucked up country. I have had it. 2 months ago I was an employed, homeowner who was loved by his neighbors and his boss, now I am an unemployed, homeless felon with cancer, I have nothing left but my dog and the clothes on my back. If they think this is going to turn me into one of them they are DEAD wrong, I will never, I repeat NEVER become a fascist zombie republican. I would rather live in a tent than submit to their way of thinking.

  10. The whole damn thing is just one outrage after another. While problem isn’t nearly as life altering as 5 years in prison, I do have another story that I call bullsh*t on. I am a Navy Vet, 92-96, and suffer from severe arthritis in my lower back, knees, and hands. I also suffer from P.T.S.D. due to an assault by my ex-husband, suffer  tenitis and frequent earaches due to the assault, and severe migraines…..Marijuana helps several of the ailments I suffer from bur ARE days that it doesn’t quite take cut it. While my medication of choice is marijuana the v.a. refuses to prescribe me any pain meds. I am a responsible smoker and should be trusted to handle making medication decisions for myself unless I give ya’ll reason why I shouldn’t. just saying.

  11. Mariarosegonz on

    This is so rediculous! Marijuana is not a drug it is an herb! And it makes people feel so much better when they are in pain! There a no proven side affects from the marijuana and taking these parents away from their children is a crime!! I totally support the fact that they should not do one day in jail for what not having to pay outrageous amounts of money for meds that will only ruin your kidneys, liver and heart!! ok Somebody should put the higher ups in charge in jail! You need to focus your attention to doctors that over bill for procedures that were not even performed or were billed wrong! Fraud is where they should focus their attention at! I know I use to bill for dentist in California and even reported it but nothing was ever done!! just pointing you all in the right direction!!

  12. Deborah Rose on

    Also check out the Randi Lanier story. He is in Jail since 1988 for a first offense and a Non Violent Crime of Smuggling Pot. He got LIFE WithOut Parole. Alittle Unjust. I have seen Murderer’s or Pedophiles getting anything close to that. I’d say that way out of line.

  13. The only certain way that politicians will get it, is in the November election. I hope Obama looses the election with Colorado electoral votes and the difference being the votes taken away by the Gov. Gary Johnson/ Judge Jim Gray duo. Also, if you live in a state where your party preference is not going to win Eg. (Republican in the north east or west coast or Democrat in an overwhelming red state like Texas, Ok, the gulf coast, etc.) and cannabis is a main issue for you then it may be a good idea to throw in your support for a candidate that will speak loudly and consistenly for your rights. Gary Johnson 2012!

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