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Tell President Obama: Let States Legalize Marijuana


obama states rights marijuanaUrge President Obama To Respect State’s Rights

By Jasmine Tyler, Acting Director – Office of National Affairs, Drug Policy Alliance

President Obama has finally spoken about the marijuana legalization ballot initiatives in Colorado and Washington.

He said he does not — “at this point” — support widespread legalization of marijuana. But, more importantly, he said there is a “need to have…a conversation”. For the first time ever, he is framing the conflict between federal and state law as a question to be resolved as opposed to one in which it is simply assumed that federal marijuana prohibition trumps all.

He also said that the federal government has “bigger fish to fry” than to waste resources on possession and suggested that Congress should compromise with the states on the issue.

Pres. Obama knows he is confronted with a dilemma and has at last acknowledged that it’s time for a conversation. Let’s take him up on his offer.

Urge President Obama not to interfere with marijuana legalization and to call for a change in federal law.

Although his comments sound promising, he didn’t say that the federal government will leave state-regulated marijuana cultivators, distributors or sellers alone.

The Obama administration is on the verge of issuing a major position statement on marijuana legalization — and their history on medical marijuana offers important insights. Even though Pres. Obama pledged not to use federal resources to prosecute medical marijuana patients, the federal government has still raided and prosecuted medical marijuana providers, undermining state efforts to responsibly regulate medical marijuana.

We can’t let history repeat itself. We need to pressure Pres. Obama not to undermine marijuana legalization like his administration has with medical marijuana.

Take action today and urge President Obama not to interfere with marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado.

A recent Gallup poll found that, like you, most Americans oppose federal interference in states that have chosen to legally regulate marijuana. Voters in Colorado and Washington — and half of all Americans — have spoken. Now it’s time for the Obama administration to get out of the way so these states can effectively implement their laws.

President Obama should do everything in his power to help them do it right. Or at least not stand in the way. It’s up to us to make him do it. 


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  1. I think marijuana should be legalized. Alcohol is legalized. And how many deaths do you hear about every year, caused by alcohol use. How many deaths do you hear about for marijuana. Now how many people sick people has it helped. The facted that it is still illegal. Makes our country look confussed. only legal in some state? What happened to. WE STAND AS ONE NATION!

  2. The problem is thousands will die when the DUI rate rises because of his inaction. If we are going to save people’s life with gun control than why let people die needlessly because of the legalization of pot?

  3. How is someone who use to smoke weed gonna say not to legalize it? i mean what that hell this the big deal…This issue is bigger the just smoking it this thing save lives for christ sake

  4. for god sake make the cancer cure legal why would you deny the people you work for their medicine My Father would be alive today if the government had just made the research in 1974 on cannabis known the fact that it cures brain cancer thats what my father died of and he was the best budget analyst the Pentagon ever had thank you Annette Dickerson Kasper daughter of Rexford L Dickerson

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