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Tell Speaker Of The Missouri House To Assign Decriminalization And Medical Marijuana Bills To Committee


missouri medical marijuana decriminalization hb 512 house bill 688For over a month now, we have been told that the Speaker of Missouri’s House of Representatives Tim Jones will assign the decriminalization bill (H.B. 512) and the medical marijuana bill (H.B. 688) to committees. However, that still has not happened, so we believe that the speaker needs some encouragement from the people of Missouri. Call the speaker’s office today and politely ask that he assign house bills 512 and 688 to committees!

The number for Speaker Jones’ office is 573-751-0562, and it is particularly important that you call if you are one of the speaker’s constituents. His district includes parts of southwestern Saint Louis County and northeastern Franklin County and much of the cities Pacific, Eureka, and Wildwood. You can find a map of his district here. Although the Speaker of the House represents all Missourians to some degree, he will be far more likely to listen to the people who vote in his district, so if you know people who live in that area, share this message with them and strongly encourage them to contact his office!

If these bills are not assigned to committee, there will be no public debate on them in the legislature. Not only will that eliminate any chance for decriminalization to become law and medical marijuana to be placed on the 2014 ballot during this legislative session, it will also be a missed opportunity for us to educate the public about those issues and cannabis law reform more generally. I firmly believe that, because we have the truth on our side, the more people learn about this issue, the more likely they are to support reform. Consequently, every time we put this subject in the public eye, we take another step towards ending prohibition. Please help us take another step today by contacting Speaker Jones now at 573-751-0562!


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  1. My county, Grundy, needs to get in on this. I’m serious, I’ve got all kinds of problems that if I still lived in Cali, when I was in the service, I could have gotten my damn card. I need one because the VA put me on some pills that don’t do anything for my conditions. Weed has always been the only thing that can relax my muscles to alleviate the pain I feel EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Also my job doesn’t help me any either, but I can’t find a desk job in this town of Trenton.

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