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Tell Vice President Biden To End His War On Marijuana In Colorado And Washington


Joe Biden marijuanaSign A Petition Calling For Vice President Biden To Respect Marijuana Reform In Colorado And Washington

On November 6, the people of Colorado and Washington state passed ballot measures to make the possession of marijuana legal for all adults and to regulate the sale of marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.

Sadly, on Dec. 7, the New York Times reported that top level officials in the Obama administration are conspiring to undermine these historic victories.

Worse, an article published on the same day in Rolling Stone magazine indicated that a ringleader for this anti-marijuana activity is Vice President Joe Biden. A former top White House drug policy advisor was quoted in the article saying, “As long as [Biden] is vice president, we’re very far off from legalization being a reality.”

This is wrong. Mr. Biden should end his war on marijuana users and respect the voters of CO and WA.

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  1. whitehouse.gov petitions are pointless wasted time. It would be better spent tending the garden..

  2. Biden’s opinion and choice of action is irrelevant.

    The simple act of going against the will of the people (not just in America, but globally) emboldens the cause. The people want change. If the federal government ignores the call for change and continues their war on drugs, and the will of the people, they will be hit by a wave of rebellion they cannot survive.

    A call for decriminalization in the U.K. by government officials was the most vehement that it has ever been; Cameron refuses to listen. Just because government leaders refuse to acknowledge the call for legalization does not mean that it will go away.

    This is no longer an subject that can be ignored by anyone. There are far too many issues being considered. A challenge to reschedule cannabis for medicinal use is in the supreme court – refusal to reschedule will be disastrous. The toll on communities for incarcerating cannabis users is receiving a great deal of attention, globally. There is now a general consensus that the “drug war” has failed and the ramifications of the war are proving to be far more devastating than the drugs themselves.

    Support for the continuation of current drug policies (by anyone) is an act of futility. There is far too much evidence (scientific, economic, empirical) that condemns the continuation of the prohibition for all drugs. Lack of understanding this evidence is an indication of cognitive inefficiencies.

    The conservative viewpoint on drugs has become pointless, by the actions the conservatives employ. The people are demanding progress not stagnation. This change emanates from our subconscious need to evolve. The will of consciousness can no longer be suppressed.

    The choice is simple move forward or get left behind.

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  4. The vice president has no official power. He may offer an opinion, but that’s it. He has nothing to do with making policy, just as the Drug Czar does not. As far as convincing the feds to respect the will of the voters, I’d think Biden would be at the bottom of the list of prohibitionists to convert.

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