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  1. I have suffered from severe dibilitating migraines for over 40 years. It took me 30 years to realize that cannabis helped my migraines. Back when I was about 19 or 20 I was going out for the night with friends. I started to get a migraine but they persuaded me to go out anyway. About a half hour later I said I had to go home as the migraine was becoming unbearable. On the drive home a friend lit up a bowl. I passed saying (and reasoning) that it would make matters worse. I finally gave in to peer pressure and took a few hits. Within 15 minutes the migraine pain started to lessen and within 30 minutes it was gone. This never happened before. Once a migraine started is was torture for 4-6 hours. I didnt go home but stayed out with my friends and had a great time that night and I felt great. I chalked it up to a fluke that the migraine just stopped. I stopped smoking cannabis about 25 years ago and my migraine frequency increased significantly. Now almost 30 years later I believe it was the cannabis that stopped the migraine that night and my regular use prevented migraines for many years until I stopped. If I would have realized this 30 years ago I would have saved myself a lot of suffering, doctor visits and narcotics prescriptions and would have lead a much happier almost migraine free life. Since I began vaporizing cannabis 3 months ago I have been migraine free and feel healthier than I have in years. Too bad my state doesnt have medical marijuana and I have to buy it on the black market and take unnecessary risks just to relieve sever pain. Hopefully one day!

  2. “Irregardless” isn’t a word, but other than that, I agree 100% with your comment. Sorry to call you out on it, just for future reference for yourself.

  3. This is great even though it’s kind of preaching to the choir around here. It would be more impressive on the front page of several nat’l newspapers (or what’s left of them) or even a spot on one of the federal websites. Fat chance – there’ll be a govt default before THAT happens. Irregardless, the TRUTH is out there for those that want to see it.

  4. This is an excellent infographic. I’m saving this. I am also pleased to see more than one thing on this list which benefit me directly… but of course, I knew that already.

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