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Ten Reasons OMMP Patients Should Support Measure 91


new york medical marijuanaBy Dr. Richard Bayer, Co-Chief Petitioner of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act

  1. OMMP Stays the Same. Measure 91 doesn’t impact the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Measure 91 explicitly states that the rights of OMMP cardholders won’t be impacted.

  2. Research. This law allows state money to be used for research on the benefits and appropriate uses of marijuana. Keeping marijuana illegal has prevented much-needed medical research and clinical trials. Money has already been appropriated for that in Colorado.

  3. Privacy. Legalization means patients won’t have to get an OMMP card unless they want to. Many patients have privacy concerns about their medical condition or want to keep their medical use completely private.

  4. Convenience. Measure 91 will make dispensaries more accessible for patients. Too many patients lack safe access to medicine because there is a ban now in their communities. Measure 91 will help provide more locations for patients and everyone.

  5. Affordability. Medical marijuana remains untaxed under Measure 91.

  6. Accessibility. Patients that can’t acquire an OMMP card because of a disability or mobility issues will have access. Traveling for the required doctors or clinic visits required to register with the OMMP may be too burdensome with patients battling severe physical disabilities or illnesses.

  7. Ends stigma. Help end the stigma felt by medical marijuana patients. Despite the legality of medical use, too many patients still face severe discrimination in numerous areas of their lives. Only by legalizing and regulating marijuana, will that stigma eventually end.

  8. Credibility. Helps legitimize marijuana use for medical purposes. By allowing for necessary research and by eventually ending the stigma associated with personal marijuana use, medical marijuana will continually be further legitimized, as it should, in the eyes of the public and the law.

  9. Momentum. Legalization in Oregon will only help continue the momentum for sensible marijuana laws, both medical and for adult use. Called the “gold standard” of marijuana law measures by Ethan Nadelmann, the Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, Measure 91, if passed, will help the inevitable change at the federal level to reschedule marijuana and allow for medical use across the country.

  10. Result of a Yes Vote: “Yes” vote allows possession, authorizes in-state manufacture, processing, sale of marijuana by/to adults; licensing, regulation, taxation by state; retains current medical marijuana laws.


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  1. Bongstar420 on

    They have to amend M91 for local taxation…that might happen, but is a bad call on M91 commission’s part because local regs will be onerous and encourage black markets..that makes the move antithetical to the primary goal of eliminating the black market.

    Actual seriously debilitated people have nothing to fear..folk like me who are honest will still provide charity to those in need through no fault of their own.

    My garden output will be higher under this regime and with M91 I will be able to afford to produce things like ‘ACDC’ for cheaper when I sell the more productive THC varieties on the rec market.

    Individual patients now have 6 mature OMMP plants and 4 mature M91 plants..their carry just increased by 8 oz as well.

    No one is stopping these people from being legal and not making money off their drug stash..if they want to do that, they can submit to regs to show they are decent and reputable producers.

  2. Bongstar420 on

    Would “responsible” adults eschew accountability and fixate supply shortages?

  3. Bongstar420 on

    1..where does M91 have a provision barring any change to OMMP needed to make M91’s main goals realistically attainable again?

  4. Jefferson- since the 70s! on

    Sirs;It’s been a long time coming, Responsible adults , I feel it is Less hazardous tha n Alcohol and their by products. Again, Responsibility by individuals themselvrs!

  5. Now we know for sure that at least a few of these points were wrong. Toledo along with other cities have passed a city tax on medical cannabis, The League of City Voters and the Association of Oregon counties are lobbying to give counties and cities the right to ban or regulate all cannabis sales from the Meeting notes of the Governing committee’s. Please take the time to read the past minutes from both of these lobbying group meetings. They are hard at work undermining the rights of Oregon patients.Chronic illness is in their targets and it seems not to matter if they cause additional pain and suffering trying to impose their agenda.They are busy drafting local and state laws with lawyers and politicians behind paid doors. Time someone opens them. Another source of things to come is the Toledo Oregon City Council meeting Video on Nov.19th 2014. A really nice family trying to make a difference in their community learns in a cruel way how these local rules can be used to violate the patients rights.

  6. If you arn’t actually sick, you can grow and posses much more than M91 affords- so there is still a benefit to the card. Actual sick people are not physically capable of doing the work of growing and will probably be at a loss until we get official subsidy programs in place. The reason for this is because OMMP mandates growers work for free and have no property rights which means individual patients cannot make a normal working relationship with a grower. This causes pervasive corruption.

    There is a reason most medical cannabis gets you ripped and it isn’t because you “need” to get ripped to reap the medical benefits> its because all medical consumption is subsidized by recreational diversions to the black market. Otherwise, dispensaries would be full of flowers that barely produce a buzz at all.

  7. As if you can’t just find a patient with an established card to reciprocate all the “charity” that the program is “supposedly operating” with.

  8. Interesting. With M91, I don’t see how OMMP patients benefit if most of them “need” growers. They just lost their slaves because now growers can simply get a license without the permission of their OMMP overlords.

  9. Dispensaries aren’t allowed to take those packets, can’t now in Salem at least. I’m not sure about other areas in Oregon, but many dispensaries will no longer let you use those to get in.. so the length of time they take is still relevant.

  10. The temp paperwork is good for immediate use while you wait on the permanent card. So, that is not an issue.

  11. Another reason : It takes the health department forever to process your paperwork and give you a card.

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