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Ten Ways You Can Use Marijuana And Hemp


federal farm bill hemp amendment researchWith most things in the world, the wonderful marijuana plant and hemp plant can be used for many different purposes. It is medical and industrial. With the right funding and some smart people who care about the planet, cannabis and hemp could be the most used plants in the world. Not only that but it would save us land and help to produce more oxygen, plus they grow far faster compared to it’s bark covered relative, the tree. So how can you use cannabis and hemp? Here’s ten ways that cannabis and hemp can be used in order to benefit the people of the world:

Medicine; the most common use for the cannabis plant is medicinal. After thousands of years of societies using cannabis in order to treat headaches, broken bones, back aches, nausea, cancer, and many other illnesses, people still have trouble accepting the fact that the earth gave us a cure for most health problems known to man. It’s time to wake up, however, and take advantage of such a beautiful asset to the human race.

Clothing; by making clothes out of hemp, we could completely eliminate the need for cotton. The hemp plant can be made in to fiber which in turn can be worn. Wearing organically made clothing would be great, plus hemp has numerous other uses and having fields of such a versatile substance could advance our society greatly.

Fuel; surprisingly, the cannabis plant can be used for fuel. Seeing as how oil is a fossil fuel, there’s only so much time left until we run out of it. Once gas is gone, we will no longer be able to fuel our cars. We will be forced to find an alternate source of fuel if we want to stay so mobile. It would be smarter to switch to a biodegradable fuel rather than a fuel that’s putting huge holes in the ozone and creating smog clouds the size of Los Angeles.

Fiber; in Colonial times, farmers ingested a lot of potatoes since the crop was so easy to grow. Since there was no such thing as fiber bars back then, the farmers had to ingest high amounts of fiber in order to counteract the not so great effects of constantly eating so much starch. Ingesting cannabis nutritionally helped the farmers with this problem.
Pets; rather than putting a nylon collar on your pet, why not use hemp? With a less chance of containing harmful substances, hemp pet supplies are said to be healthier, more durable, and sustainable. While giving your pets pot to eat isn’t such a good idea, your furry companion will be happy to nap on a comfy hemp pet bed!

Hempcrete; concrete is a huge pain and is expensive. It wears under pressure and after a long enough time, it will crack. Not to mention, the substance is extremely heavy, so while it is a great building material, it’s cumbersome. Hempcrete, on the other hand, is concrete but made from the hemp plant. It is half as heavy as concrete and will stand up to the elements longer. Hempcrete also assists with containing cool and heat, depending on the time of year, cutting down on heating and electricity bills. Additionally, hempcrete is far better for the environment, considering it’s naturally made.

Vitamins; hemp seeds contain high amounts of amino acids, providing a great source of vitamins and nutrients to those that consume them. For those that would like healthier alternatives to taking random pills that may contain poison rather than something helpful, hemp seeds are something that should be kept around. There are even cafes in Europe that offer hemp tea, hemp coffee, and even hemp lager!

Rope; historians have said that early man used hemp rope to fashion bamboo stalks together in order to form rafts. So you could say that people have been using hemp rope for a bit. Stronger than what we currently use today, hemp rope is something that people would benefit from using for a multitude of purposes, including maritime purposes. If you’re interested in seeing some history on hemp rope, you can join a maritime museum tour and find out all about it (get stoned first, of course).

Food; instead of using butter or lard or even vegetable oil to cook with, using hemp oil is far healthier for you. Instead of putting anything somewhat harmful, use hemp oil instead. Sometimes, you can even medicate said oil in order to give your food a little added kick. But even if you don’t want to psychoactive aspect, cooking with hempseed oil will make your food taste better and help keep that waistline small (hempseed compared to butter is ridiculously healthy, especially “butter” if you know what I’m saying).

Paper; reportedly, Ben Franklin owned a hemp paper mill in his day and it’s even been said that the original Declaration of Independence is written on hemp paper! It’s hard to believe that this wouldn’t be true, as most farmers were required by law to grow hemp back in colonial times. Still, hemp can be made in to paper that doesn’t harm nearly as many trees while simultaneously growing faster and healthier for the planet. As to why we’re still chopping down forests when this simple plant could be used instead, is a mystery.

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  1. I can’t disagree with your opinion on marijuana ma’am, but this article was about the hemp seed. If you smoke hemp, you will not get high, you will get nothing but a headache because the THC levels are nothing near marijuana. This was about the positive effects the hemp seed can give society, last time I checked we breathe because of trees and if we cut down all our trees how will we survive? Just a thought; we need to change our ways of doing things before its too late for our children. Sure, if we continue the path we’re on, we will be okay; but the next generations to come will have to pay for our ignorance. Legalizing the hemp seed for industrial use will benefit society as a whole and may even reduce global warming. This is bigger than “getting high”, this could improve society immensely.

  2. Sheri L. Silvernale Carson on

    I would have to read your studies on all those so called benefits and as with any pharmaceutical, look at the pros and cons. This is why most blogs are pretty useless when trying to convince others of an idea, where te documentaion? Or are you just “singing to the choir”? My opinion comes from my experience as an educator of Jr.High and High School students, a science instructor 6th grade – gradate level, a masters of science in biology, years of self study on nutrition, modern medicine and homeopathic remedies. I’m the type person you need to convince. Dig and find good credible sources with a nonbias approach to the subject. Add that to your statements to back wha you’re saying. I hope you can find it. Because I can’t. At least not good enough data to over ride the threat of the misuse of this as a drug. I worry for our youth; please aee the latest research: http://www.muirwoodteen.com/teen-marijuana-abuse/brain/ http://www.sciencedaily.com/news/mind_brain/marijuana/ http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2014/02/25/282631913/marijuana-may-hurt-the-developing-teen-brain And there are many more. I’m intrigued by the idea of using hemp as an industrial agent, I know little about this area and look into it more. Just because sometning is “natural” doesn’t make it safe. Asprin, is natural,and has been used for hundreds of years, but is it dangerous? yes. I know anything is dangerous if overused and some young people will abuse whatever substance the can get teir hands on. I just don’t think we should make it easy for them to do it. Thank you for listening and I will try to do more research on the other side of this subject just to make sure I have a clear view.

  3. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    In George Washington’s own unabridged diary he admitted to being fond of Indian hemp. His diary included methods for drying and smoking cannabis indica. It is a misnomer that Thomas Jefferson did not like cannabis, he merely hated tobacco which it was so often blended with according to Washington. It was Washington, in accord with Jefferson that created the crime of not farming hemp. Another founding father, Benjamin Franklin, was a member of the “Hellfire Club” in Paris; this group was in fact the world’s first Satanists/Hedonists. It is more than likely that he used the indica strain as well, but his diaries were edited in the 1960s-1970s. Our very own Jack Herer is responsible for placing cannabis history back into the Smithsonian when other verifiable sources mentioned it profusely in our countries early history. Go to Jack didn’t just fight for us, he fought for accuracy in history. I owe knowing the info above to Jack Herer. Seems our country was built on hemp and cannabis use and trade. When we consider Washington, he lived a very long and productive life when most died in their 40s.

  4. What more can anyone say about these plants,their good works speaks for themselfs,keep on planting and spreading the word.

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