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Tennessee Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Extract Bill


cannabidiol cbd cannabis marijuanaBy Karen O’Keefe

On May 16, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed a limited medical marijuana bill into law. SB 2531 proposes creating a four-year study on the benefits of cannabidiol, often referred to as “CBD,” a non-psychoactive component of marijuana. Unfortunately, the many limitations placed on the bill by lawmakers mean it is unlikely to result in relief for seriously ill patients in the state. MPP will not be counting Tennessee as a “medical marijuana state.”

The law unrealistically depends on the Drug Enforcement Administration authorizing the cultivation of marijuana within Tennessee for study. The DEA has maintained a monopoly on the cultivation of marijuana for research in Mississippi, and has steadfastly refused to allow other producers in the past 50 years. Even if it weren’t for that problem, laws that limit patient access to CBD leave most seriously ill patients behind. For a more detailed look at the bill and its many limitations, click here.

Under the bill, Vanderbilt University would conduct the study and Tennessee Tech would theoretically grow marijuana. As in Maryland, we hope Tennessee will move beyond its ineffective medical marijuana law and quickly pass a workable law that will help seriously ill patients in Tennessee.

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  1. crimsonking on

    Does CBD only do anything for most people? It seems like these CBD-only pieces of legislation aren’t really MMJ at all; it’s just a new anti-seizure treatment. Wouldn’t almost everybody be better off using the entire entourage of good things in cannabis? This is not medical marijuana and it seems to be having a deleterious effect on the awareness of the importance of THC (check out Sick in the South’s comment below).

  2. Sick in the south on

    These cbd bills are unfair to anyone who is not suffering from dravettes syndrone. What about the rest of the people suffering everything from chronic pain to cancer. Give us full access to the whole plant and quit playing games with peoples lives. These bills help only a select few. This kind of cowardice is what I expect from the south and its ignorant politicians. Got to go vomit from my chemo :(

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