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Tennessee: Lawmakers Approve Reclassifying Hemp As An Agricultural Commodity


industrial hemp farming tennesseeBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

State lawmakers have signed off on legislation, Senate Bill 2495/House Bill 2445, to reclassify and regulate industrial hemp.

The legislation now goes to Republican Gov. Bill Haslam for his signature.

The measures reclassify cannabis possessing less than 0.3 percent THC as an industrial crop rather than a controlled substance. The legislation calls on the state Department of Agriculture to develop rules and regulations governing the licensed production of industrial hemp by Tennessee farmers. Regulators have up to 120 days following the bill’s passage to enact these licensing guidelines.

Lawmakers in Indiana and Utah previously enacted legislation earlier this year authorizing state regulators to oversee the cultivation of industrial hemp for commercial and/or research purposes.

According to the Congressional Resource Service, the US is the only developed nation that fails to cultivate industrial hemp as an economic crop. However, in February, members of Congress for the first time approved language in the omnibus federal Farm Bill allowing for the cultivation of industrial hemp in agricultural pilot programs in states that already permit the growth and cultivation of the plant. Ten additional states — California, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia — have enacted legislation allowing for industrial hemp research and/or reclassifying the plant as an agricultural commodity under state law.

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  1. Our beautiful country was founded on the greenback provided to the people by profits of Industrial Hemp. For 2o0 years the clothing you wore made with hemp fiber, Cotton only became common during the outlaw of Cannabis and the unfortunate death by association of Hemp. Hemp is the Male cannabis plant often known to farmers as crop dusters. The farming community unknowingly will pollinate all outdoor crops with in 5 miles by planting and allowing fruition of the male hemp producing cannabis plant. Win win situation for us all. Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by using a renewable bio degradable Hemp oil refined.

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