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Terminate US Attorney Melinda Haag For Harassing California Medical Marijuana Caregivers And Patients

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(image via tokeofthetown.com)

Below is a petition calling for the termination of United States District Attorney Melinda Haag. Melinda Haag has been on a mission to harass medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and dispensaries in California. It’s time for her to go. Below is more about the petition, which can be signed at this link here. As of this post, there are only 76 names on the petition. Haag’s actions affect far more lives than that, so tell everyone you know to sign it:

“United States Atty General for northern California Melinda Haag continues to harass legal medical marijuana caregivers. Google Harborside and her name to find out about some of what we are talking about We believe she has also used her position to intimidate cities into making unreasonable bans and restriction on medical marijuana caregivers and patients. Google San Jose medical marijuana crackdown to find out about some of what we are talking about. Melinda Haag’s continued actions also defy published orders from Washington to not pursue legal state operations.

The efficacy of medical marijuana has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

Patients who are denied safe, reasonable access to their medicine, suffer and die, therefore Melinda Haags service should be terminated.”


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  1. hugh jorgan on

    she obviously lives up to her name….i do not support her. however, there is no way she is acting alone. PUBLICLY, obama/white house say one thing and behind the scenes they tell haag to drop the hammer on us. FUCK OBAMA (and the white house), FUCK BIG PHARMA, and FUCK CORRUPT POLICE and the PUBLIC SERVANTS like HAAG that work against the suffering of sick california patients in need. You have to be a complete fucking idiot to not understand the research/countless medical papers (over the last five years) from academic institutions and medical doctors across the planet that have provided irrefutable evidence that cannabis is a PROVEN medicine…and quite possibly one of the MOST EFFECTIVE with the least side effects….and we haven’t even gotten to the thousands of our citizens un-ethically arrested, detained, prosecuted, and sentenced to serve time in the private prison industry. FUCK THIS SICK as SYSTEM…..tear it down…reset. startover.

  2. I honestly hate this woman and what she stands for. Leave us alone to make our own decisions. We don’t need your help or your opinion about what we choose to put in our own body to help us. You do not get to choose what is right for us, we can handle that responsibility by ourselves and you are beyond arrogant to think you know better. Have a nice day.

  3. We were thinking that Haag would be a good addition to yearly 420 celebrations as a pinata filled with joints and bubble hash. A good pastime to compliment beer pong and bong pulls on that sacred holiday. She can be remembered in infamy as part of American and possibly world cannabis mythology as the Wicked Witch Of Totalitarian Greed. That would be cool! Anyone for spreading this meme??

  4. I am on a mission myself. I believe that it is completely irresponsible to deny a safe and responsible medicine to the people of this.country. Indiana State Senator Patricia Miller is doing that here in Indiana by not allowing a hearing on S.B.284 and give the children the medicines they desperately need. Feel free to contact her 317-232-9489 and convince her she is wrong.

  5. Expect a ruling this month from U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller. It will not force rescheduling but will have enormous impact, as almost all legalization and liberalization efforts are happening in spite of the legislators.

  6. It’s sad that people in positions like Mr. hag use sick people as steppin stones. A SAD fact. $$$$$$$andPOWER. Burn the witch……..peace

  7. Judging by this photo of the wicked witch of the west,
    Me thinks she’s taking to much “Ritalin (methylphenidate)”. Just look at her eyes, that empty look is apparent., but that’s only my observation.

  8. Someone so vehemently against helping others in their time of need,especially if they have serious health problems,is usually taking orders from those who finance her for their monetary gain.
    As usual;Follow The Money.

  9. Its completely and totally insane for Marijuana to be on Schedule 1. Marijuana has been proven to be a real wonder drug for a wide range of conditions and it contains an amazing variety of useful biologically active compounds. It needs to be removed from Schedule 1 immediately. The current situation is NUTS.

  10. There may be a bug in the comment control software — when I posted this comment, it failed to post and said “waiting to be approved…”

    People who read these comment sections know that my #1 concern is for America’s Cancer patients. Every one of them deserves the right to use Medical Marijuana to ease their pain and suffering and every one of them deserves the right to see if high dose medical marijuana oil therapy helps cure their cancer.
    Please call the white house comment line at (202) 456-1111 and ask that the president takes personal action to have marijuana removed from schedule 1 immediately.

  11. I’m a Scientist with a strong interest in Cancer Research. Its time for for the politicians to stop screwing over Americans who are suffering and in pain and need Medical Marijuana — especially Cancer patients. Please call the white house comment line at (202) 456-1111 and ask that the President get Marijuana taken off of Schedule 1 immediately. Cancer patients can’t wait.

  12. It makes me so angry to hear about people like this. It’s so aggravating to realize that some people will just plunge forward and use their “power” to hurt millions of others. They don’t even truly know why they hate people who benefit from “drug use”, they just follow old guidelines and think that it makes them powerful.

    They have to be made into examples. This idea that all drug users are evil has permeated society for too long now. We literally have to eradicate it; by making anyone who would think of proposing such beliefs lose the motivation to do so. Ironically, we will end up trading positions…… Those who used to say that all drug users are morally corrupt and deserve punishment; they will become the punished ones, due to the harm they have needlessly caused to millions upon millions of people. It just has to be done. The removal of Melinda Haag seems like a good step to me.

  13. I know, this is a problem and the reason why she need to be terminated from her job. Since her job is to follow the law above every one. If District Attorneys, the police, the DEA can not follow the law than why would we.

  14. Dennis Collier on

    she needs to be arrested and fired for breaking protocol. There is a chain of command and her boss needs to relieve her.

  15. Well she us living up to her name sake…HAAG. Any how she is
    harassing medical patients and care givers who are following the law. No matter what you feel about Marijuana. The law is the law and District Attorneys need to follow and respect the law as much and even more than the rest of us do.This is there job they can not pick and choose what l as they will follow.

  16. It’s always fun to witness some vaunted federal official crash & burn.

    This bitch is as bad as they come.

    Her termination is long overdue.

    It will be a joy to see her floundering once the authority lent to her is revoked.

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