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Texas Democratic Party Supports Marijuana Decriminalization


texas marijuanaBy Steve Elliott of Toke of the Town

The Texas Democratic Party has officially endorsed the decriminalization of marijuana, saying that current laws are negatively affecting too many young people who get busted with small amounts of weed.

“You shouldn’t put a criminal stigma on these young folks for the rest of their lives, and affect their ability to get jobs and their ability to have a meaningful career for using marijuana when they were young,” said State Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa, reports Daisy Martinez of Action 4 News.

Hinojosa said he and the Texas Democratic Party believe the criminalization of marijuana may also be contributing to the selling power of drug cartels and dealers.

“The drug gangs in Mexico are allowed to continue to do business because they are able to transport drugs into the United States illegally,” Hinojosa said.

“They sit back and collect the money, while the people who buy a joint or something are going to prison,” said Bill McMillin of Brownsville. “Things have changed, they’re getting so strict on things. They’re sending people to prison for petty stuff.”

The Texas Democratic Party’s platform statement on marijuana decriminalization follows:

This decriminalization of marijuana does not mean we endorse the use of marijuana but it is only a call to wiser use of law enforcement and public health policy. Prohibition of marijuana abdicates the control of marijuana production and distribution to drug cartels and street gangs. Such prohibition promotes disrespect for the law and reinforces ethnic and generational divides between the public and law enforcement.

Every year, hundreds and thousands of Americans are arrested for marijuana possession violations- far more than all those arrested for violent crimes in America. Societal costs dealing with the war on drugs concerning marijuana exceeds 12 billion dollars annually. Since the war on drugs began, 85% of the arrests for marijuana have been for possession only.

Marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Recent polls show over 50% of Americans believe marijuana should be decriminalized. While arrests for marijuana since 1965 have been over 20 million citizens, marijuana is more prevalent than ever before.

There is no evidence that marijuana is a “gateway” drug leading to the use of more lethal drugs. 75% of citizens arrested for marijuana are under 30. Minorities account for a majority of those arrested for marijuana. Criminal conviction permanently scars a young citizen for life.

Texas Democrats urge the President, the Attorney General and the Congress to support the passage of legislation to decriminalize the possession of marijuana and regulate it’s use, production and sale as is done with tobacco and alcohol.

We further urge the immediate decriminalization and use of medical marijuana.

Source: Texas Democratic Party 2012 Platform

Article From Toke of the Town and republished with special permission.


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  1. yeah , right like all those pot dealers in texas are going out of business
    anytime soon

    cannabis prohibition is silly just like the puppet politicians who actually think this is going to change the status quo.

    newsflash since :17 states have enacted access to cannabis through voter initiatives
    the FEDS and cartels ( same thing organized crime) are scrambling to save the source of income they have enjoyed (asset forfeiture) (control of market prices) etc
    it is funny to see all these lawmakers run around like cockroaches trying to disable “medical marijuana” and enact laws so they can tax the shit out joe plumber
    as long as I can so a seed i will never support organized crime.
    LEO will never give up while the cartels are smart enough to move to a better paycheck
    “save the children”

    wow I really need a bong hit !

  2. It’s a House of Cards; don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

    “By legalizing the sale of marijuana, we hope to drastically reduce crime.”

    “The black market presents a much greater threat for our population than recreational drugs.”

    “Our inclination initially is to have production and regulation under state control.”

    “Uruguay, with it’s strong legal system and open financial markets, welcomes foreign investors. Unfortunately, it also has a high rate of emigration. But perhaps now that they can access their marijuana hassle-free, we hope our young people will be persuaded to stay.”

    Uruguay’s announcement is about creating an opportunity for others to follow, and even though they are not presenting a totally feasible plan at the moment (registering users is fairly un-workable), they are still showing that it has become possible for a whole country to fully reject the prohibitionist paradigm. Rest assured, their present plan will likely develop into something far more practical, while also allowing other leaders in the region to make statements of a similar nature and magnitude.

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