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Texas Jury Declines To Indict Marijuana Grower Who Shot Cop During Raid


marijuana garden plants growing cannabisOn December 19, 2013 the Burleson County Sheriffs Office executed a search warrant on the home of Henry Goedrich Magee. One of the officers that participated in the raid on Mr. Magee’s home was Burleson County Sgt. Adam Sowders. Sgt. Sowders and other officers were searching for marijuana and guns. During the raid Henry shot Sgt. Sowders, killing him instantly.

Henry Goedrich Magee was facing capital murder charges, in addition to other charges related to marijuana possession. However, a grand jury declined to indict Mr. Magee last week on murder charges, although they are still pursuing marijuana possession charges. Mr. Magee’s attorney, Dick DeGuerin, stated in court that his client thought he was being burglarized due to the ‘no knock’ entry into his home, and that he was only acting to protect his family.

It’s sad any time that marijuana prohibition takes a life, whether it be the life of a marijuana consumer or an officer. If Texas didn’t have marijuana prohibition in place, Sgt. Sowders would have never been there that morning. He would still be alive and his family would not be grieving his death.

“This was a terrible tragedy that a deputy sheriff was killed, but Hank Magee believed that he and his pregnant girlfriend were being robbed,” Magee’s lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, told A.P. “He did what a lot of people would have done. He defended himself and his girlfriend and his home.”


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  1. Cops love the adrenalin rush they get from acting that way, busting in, shouting at the top of their lungs, pointing guns, grabbing victims, and shooting their wads (i mean bullets). They have NO respect for individual rights except theirs. it is a power they think they have been given, and as stated centuries ago, power corrupts.

  2. And for anyone who may be interested, my comment that included the word that sounds like tuck, but with an “s,” was in moderation for a few days, but is now “marked as spam.”

    I’ve never been called spam before, but I’m going to take it as an insult.

    And since disqus informs me that it is this website’s policies that have “moderated” my comment, one has to wonder why that would be.

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  4. In an unusual scenario for TV shows, Scully was allowed to be the bad-ass, and Mulder was just some eye candy. A refreshing role reversal, if you ask me.

    Funny how men (if I can presume as such from your post) and women (that’d be me) view things so differently. :)

  5. My statement might not mean anything to you, but it means an awful lot to me. And, as you should have surmised, my comment has nothing to do with guns.

  6. Poul Puff he did not deserve to die, however, since he was in law enforcement, he knew the risks and when it is your time to go, it’s over. Plus do you talk to your mother with that potty mouth? If you do, then your lack of education shows.

  7. So what painkills, who his attorney has defended in the past and this grower had the right to shoot, I most certainly would have also, so your statement means nothing.

  8. Well BOB maybe you didn’t understand, what a “No Knock” policy means. It means just that, they do not have to announce, they just barge into homes and yes, it is a stupid policy regarding marijuana prohibition.

  9. Senator SmellyPants on

    That’s a trick question, both. Every Crackpot needs a Buzzkill. Scully is the buzzkill to Mulder’s crackpot.

  10. Not sure I understand. The police didn’t “announce” that they were police…dumb move on their part.

  11. I know cops (20 yrs ago) who would have approached him in a coffee shop and had a little chat while his buddies were searching the house, or pulled him over on the way to the grocery store, and no one would have been shot. Too bad.

  12. Okay, I’ve got two comments about Mr. DeGuerin awaiting “moderation” in our new disqus format. So, while I await judgment from the Disqus High Judge (whoever that is):

    Richard DeGuerin is a slimeball. He has represented criminals like baby killers. For further proof, I offer the following Wikipedia fact: “He also represented bankers involved in fraud cases tied to the Enron collapse.”

  13. I would do the same thing-he was protecting his home and family-oh well cops maybe you need to rethink this whole pot thing asshats

  14. So because the laws are outdated, the cop deserved to die?
    Man, fuck you too. What fucking disrespect for human life.

  15. Congress is in session in my state, and they just advanced a bill that would make it illegal for cops to do this very thing. It is freaking ridiculous, I mean the cops could have waited until they came out of the house. It is a very stupid thing for the cops to do, whatever side you are on.

  16. Matthew smitson on

    I don’t believe in the no knock, considering this and every other situation. I don’t think anyone should enter a dwelling that is not their own in fact, its a violation of your right to privacy, no matter if your a cop or not. The only reason that was put into place was because of the patriot act, which we’re now realizing was a terrible idea, Edward snowden just confirmed what we already knew, and all the nay sayers are freaking out about this. Use your own thoughts on prohibition, my opinion is weed should be the only drug legalized, not method, nor coke. Herions already legal as long as your giving your money to pharmaceutical companies in that sense and not your local drug dealer. Methadone or methadose, that’s synthetic heroin, used to get addicts offall hard drugs even prescription pills. This only prolongs abuse, suboxone and subutex are in my opinion the same thing, they just get users hooked to them instead of the others, I see this first hand in my neighborhood. Its just one evil for another, marijuana has been placed into this category as well but I feel its a better choice than any prescription drug my doctor will get me hooked on. At least I can quit smoking when I don’t need it anymore. Oh and this propaganda about it making you stupid in the long run if you use it as a adolescent, I call bullshit, look at the people who used it including our presidents, its just reefer madness in a different time, misinformation to scare the public.

  17. The racist comment is dumb and whiney as hell.all alot of ppl say is , it’s cuz I’m black or whatever but shut I’m white and went to gd prison just like a black or Hispanic.quit always pulling the race card.there is just as many black cops as there are whites and Hispanics..chill out on the racist card.always fast to ride that train

  18. Well thank whichever diety you believe in the police we’re breaking into a white man’s home, if it had been a black guy’s house, you can be sure the charges would not have been dropped!

  19. no knock warrants should ONLY be used when trying to catch a known violent criminal that has already been proven to be dangerous. YES cops get shot when they bust into peoples homes, and we need to defend that right. the cops are going to have to find a new criminal to go after soon, legalization is coming!

  20. Ricky Ableidinger on

    This kind of incident is very sad and my prayers r with the family of the officer.With all of the current Data and facts-we still have the police treating Marijuana like it is a Monster..I can not help but wonder how it is that our elected officals DO NOT TRY TO FIX THE WRONG THAT HAS BEEN THE RESULT OF THE PROIBITION OF MARIJUANA AND THE LIES THAT HAVE BEEN TOLD… I think that WHEN U R ELECTED TO REPRESENT THE GOOD PEOPLE AND UPHOLD THE LAWS AND U FIND OUT THAT THE INFORMATION THAT HAS BEEN USED TO INFORCE THOSE LAWS HAS BEEN BASED ON LIES, AT THAT POINT YOU HAVE A RESPONCABLITY TO MAKE APOLIGY FOR THE WRONG THAT HAS BEEN DONE..THE ELECTED OFFICALS HAVE A DUTY TO FIX THAT WRONG AND USE THE NOW CURRENT AND UP TO DATE INFORMATION.i can not help but wonder how they can even show their faces when they r still using False data and then they want us to TRUST them or Reelect them..It Is Time To Fix This Broken System and Utilize The Current Facts

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