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Texas Police Chief David Brown Is Proud To Lock Up Marijuana Users

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(via dallasobserver.com)

Arresting and locking up marijuana users for marijuana possession is an enormous waste of tax payer dollars and law enforcement resources. Officers should be arresting real criminals, and jail beds should be reserved for those real criminals. Every minute that an officer spends harassing and arresting a marijuana user for possession is a minute that could have been spend arresting a pedophile or investigating an armed robbery.

Many states have decriminalized marijuana possession, which reduces the penalty for marijuana possession to a fine. Ideally, marijuana would be legal and carry no penalty, but under no circumstances should a marijuana user be arrested and labeled a criminal for simple possession. However, that’s the case in Dallas, Texas, where Police Chief David Brown is arresting every marijuana user he can find, and is proud of it. Per the Dallas Observer:

“Brown, though, told us he doesn’t intend to change Dallas PD’s approach to drug enforcement unless and until the Legislature makes him. “We believe strongly” that enforcing marijuana-possession laws through arrest is the best approach, he said.”

Texas does not have an initiative process that allows citizens to collect signatures to place marijuana reform on the ballot. That means the only option is for the Texas Legislature to reform its state’s marijuana laws. While there have been attempts at reform in the Texas Legislature, those attempts have failed. Dallas Police Chief David Brown is a disgrace. He is ruining lives with every arrest he makes. It’s time he changed his policies and followed the lead of other cities in Texas that are treating marijuana possession as an infraction, not an arrestable offense.


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  1. I left Texas for the greener pastures of Oregon! I wish all my friends and family would do the same. I have less anxiety and sleep better at night knowing police and politicians like in Texas are not here!

  2. you get what you vote for…

    citizens should vote carefully when choosing their legislatures – I don’t know – but I’ll bet that there are “options”

  3. He looks just like my source here in Fl.. “Bo-Bo”. I mean they could be twins. That’s how much they look alike
    I am in Fl. not Texas. So I know there is no way they could be one and the same. But their resemblance in uncanny, down to the glasses and brow. ,,,, Almost scary.
    Just to add ,, that no one can tell him not to enforce the laws as they are written. As a politician or anyone else can be arrested for that (seriously). But they can discuss his priorities and his budget in regards to this. Also if he is an elected official or appointed official can have a major play in this. Elected = The will of the voter ,,
    appointed = He servers at the pleasure of his Municipal Council.
    Knowing too much for my own good when it comes to this. The influx of Fed monies can be used by him or placed (by indiscreet transfers) in the municipalities general fund to buy file cabinets, computers, coffee makers and whatnot’s. Also forfeiture auctions, which take place throughout the country, regularly (some good deals) puts that money back into the municipalities general fund. So as long as he produces, they will leave him be.
    ,,,,, just my 2.5 cents


  5. Wouldn’t you just want to kick him in the face with a nice steel toe shoe ?

  6. Between rogue cops and the anti-Constitutional property seizure laws in Texas I wonder why, especially if one likes to partake in the herb, you just don’t leave that….hole?? Oh and I’ve been there thank you, though in the employ of Uncle Sam (and I’m sure I didn’t see the good parts of the place), BUT I can comment on what I saw while forced against my will to stay there. If it sounds like I was….unimpressed, being from God’s country in Washington state, you’ll understand my position. Texas is like a whole ‘nother country alright…one that was in the old Soviet Block. My favorite “Yankee” quip about TX?? We lost at the Alamo so we had to take Texas….

  7. Roy is right about Texas and that is sad. I do know a few years ago when I was fighting Cancer the Chemo treatment was hell and the longest 6 months of my life I went fro 185 down to 85 pounds and was told that if I lost anymore weight I would be put in the Hosp. Thank God my Brother come over with a bag of weed and I started smoking a little and soon I could eat and slowly I started to put on weight. I think back and wonder if I had not started smoking if I would be hear? I also have a back that the Doctors want to cut on and until I do let them they have put me on Morphine ans after a few days of that drug I knew it would kill me so I put the pills down and I smoke when I am in pain and if they lock me up then so be it but pot will not kill me and the drugs will. I have spoke to 4 or 5 people that have had there backs cut on like what they want to do to me and they are in much more pain and they pop pain pills like candy!!!! I do not know if I will ever let them cut on me and I feel I have the God given right to treat my self with pot and not a load of pain pills that in the long run will do great harm to me. I pay my taxes and I own my home and before I retired I worked all my life and I have payed for every thing we have I have a clean record and have never been in hot water with the Law but!!! I can see that because of my pain and how I want to treat it I could go to jail.
    That is a hell of a thing for a man that is almost 60 with 5 grown children and 7 grandchildren to face BUT!! I WILL NOT GO BACK TO THERE PAIN PILLS.

  8. Here in Texas ignorance is common. This is the state that brought you the Bushs. Home of the Tea Party. When the stupidity of the original G.O.P just isn’t enough we believe in bringing in the big guns.Destroing families and the future of children is the job of men like Mr. Brown. He must get his sick sadistic pleasure when he can to prove to the good old boys here in Texas he is one of them.

  9. It’s time for law enforcement to do their jobs. Instead of picking on people for simple marijuana possession, they need to go after criminals committing worse crimes like assault, robbery, sexual assault, and drunk driving. The reason they go after marijuana users is because it’s easy. They don’t have much to investigate and don’t have to go out of their way to solve the crime. Not to mention the money they get for the marijuana arrests.

  10. It is time to remove morrons from any position of power over people , these people get these delusions of grandour and start thinking that they are a god and its people like this who are afraid of knowlage that don’t need to be in these positions , Go Home David Brown and work on your Seal Impersonation maybe you could get a job in Las Vegas as a clown .

  11. I think it is time for him to retire, Go home and watch television. Maybe watch the news and get up to date.

  12. Obviously he’s making money for his dept. by increasing Buryn grant money off the backs of the people he’s supposed to be protecting. Let’s hope the people in his district learn more about his reckless policies. BTW fuck you Dave Brown you POS.

  13. Brion Eduardo on

    He’s a coward. That’s why he doesn’t want to go after real criminals.

  14. “We believe strongly..” What is that, an article of faith? Law is based on evidence, not sentiment. What a disservice to the good people of Dallas. The Stockholm Syndrome strikes again.

  15. “New Report Shows Texas is Among States Leading the Nation in Marijuana
    Possession Arrests; Laws Disproportionately Enforced Against Blacks” http://tinyurl.com/mm3gxlu

    There is no justice in the State of Texas’ arrest statistics re: minority races. History is full of individuals that have betrayed their own cause out of ignorance or profit.

  16. This “brother” just wants to pretend he’s not really a nigga and that white people actually see him as an equal

  17. Geeze i hate auto type… we need to GET these dinosaurs out of office is what that should read

  18. No I am sorry it is time to inflict some zero tolerance of our own… stand against legalizationand fall by the wayside quick, fast and in a mutha fu**in hurry period… we need to Gettysburg dinosaurs out of office and into retirement now.

  19. The man is proud of wasting taxpayer money!!!!??? I think he’s afraid of real criminals and uses pot smokers to make his arrest record stand out…..what moron you are sir….

  20. the fovea of our minds’ eye that see love
    and also allows us to see a moment of heaven if the proper cannabis strain is administered to our brain, we are able to see heaven above
    when will people all around the globe look down on those that are meanconstitutionally unsound doctrine coming from a badge holder sworn to uphold the constuitution of every usa person
    according to wikipedia, warring on people of the usa is a crime, called high treason

  21. oscar needed his friend from outer space
    to help him lift the furniture in his place
    levitation directional control is what astro gave oscar so that just by using his mind
    he was able to lift things, oh how divine
    isn’t it also though true that with cannabis, a feeling of floating also happens, as well as things seem to go our way, no matter what challenges we are faced with
    and although the tiny seeds look similar to a miniature space ship of my favorite martian, they are not filled with little green people, only a fun good vibe along with health and vitality
    job prospects ahead make the day look not so bleak
    but with no cannabis in my brain, or mountain dew, i admit at feeling a little weak
    i will not however give up
    i know in my heart that with cannabis my life will always go right, yup:;-)

  22. I resigned from a 13 year law enforcement career because of arrogant, idealistic moronic individuals who self regulate their beliefs such as this idiot!!! No more are the days that the police uphold their duty to “serve and protect” the citizens of the cities, counties and states that they are sworn to “serve and protect! These self righteous individuals put “power” first and compassion last. This idiot should be dismissed and charged with crimes against humanity.
    Shame on you Brown, you’re day of judgement shall come. I sincerely hope that the day never comes that you need the medicine (a natural occurring plant) that The Lord put here on earth for the use of mankind for its healing capabilities.
    Sir, you are a pathetic individual.
    I hope the person or persons that allowed you to fill the position that you are in, remove you ASAP.

  23. I wish LEAP could do more to address these individuals. I believe they can only come around and get off the brainwashing they have been subjected to is to talk intelligently with their peers. Go get him, LEAP!

  24. I don’t understand minorities supporting the War on Drugs which is still clearly, and always has been clearly, a War on Minorities. Even prohibition of alcohol was a war on Italian, German, and Irish immigrants.

  25. I guess the brother doesn’t give a shit that young black men are way disproportionately arrested and incarcerated for pot possession…

  26. Uncle Arthur on

    Regarding Chief Brown’s Salem 1692 approach to marijuana possession: this criminal thug should be charged with crimes against humanity.

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