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Texas Proposals Would Reduce Marijuana Penalties, Legalize Medical Marijuana


texas medical marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

With increased momentum for cannabis law reform in Texas due to recent polling finding over 50% of the state to be in support of cannabis legalization, several state lawmakers have announced that they’ll soon be filing proposals to significantly reform the state’s cannabis policies.

State Representative Harold Dutton Jr. has announced that he will soon be filing a proposal to greatly reduce the penalty for the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis; under current Texas law, the possession of any amount of cannabis is punishable by a Class B misdemeanor, which carries a potential 6 month jail sentence. Dutton’s proposal would reduce the penalty for cannabis possession – up to an ounce – to a Class C misdemeanor, which is punishable by only a ticket.

“I think that’s a little overkill for somebody who has an ounce or less of marijuana,” Dutton says of current Texas law. ”It’s a sea change from where Texas [is],” he says, speaking of his legislation.

Representative Elliott Naishtat has announced that he’ll soon be filing legislation to legalize medical cannabis, establishing a system where patients can legally possess and use cannabis, and where they can purchase it from state-licensed nonprofit collectives. This will be the seventh time Naishtat has attempted this legislation, but he remains optimistic.

“We make a little bit of progress every session. Last session for the first time we had a hearing on the bill,” says Naishtat. “And it was very compelling because the people who testified were people with legitimate medical conditions who were using marijuana specifically for medical purposes.” He notes; ”All the publicity that’s been focused on the state of Washington and Colorado only helps us in what we’re trying to do.”

Those in Texas should be actively contacting their district’s lawmakers (which can be looked up by clicking here), urging them to support cannabis law reform.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. Austin_78717 on

    This is not enough! Medical and recreational use is the way to go. Regulate this plant like cigarettes and alcohol. Let’s skip over this decriminalized phase!
    Refuse to vote for any candidate republican or democrats who doesn’t agree!

  2. Been smoking weed for over 40 years. I figured out a long time ago that pot won’t be legal in places like Texas until it costs votes or gains votes for the politicians. The day someone like Rick Perry’s advisers tell him that being against legalization will cost him the election is the day he will be for legalization.

    We may just finally be getting to the tipping point where a politician’s election chances might be harmed by not suporting legal pot, If so we can expect the dominoes to fall rather quickly. Politicians will eagerly embrace pot legalization if they thought it would win them more votes. So far the subject gains them nothing and has been an easy target for negative attacks against them so they try as hard as they can to avoid the subject totally.

    But just last week I saw a story that seriously looked at a couple of races that might actually be decided by the politicians stances on pot legalization. Once a few prohibitionists lose due to their anti legalization position, and that hits the news, the floodgates will burst open.

  3. I would not trust Rick Perry to sweep the floor properly, much less run a state. He is a power-hungry, cynical megalomaniac. Fortunately, the Texas Governor’s office is probably the end of his political career.

  4. I think this guy is trying to tell you what he needs to so you can re-elect him when it is time……most people in politics do…..I say we wait to see when this is legal, anyone can say anything……I can say im pro abortion, doesn’t mean im gonna vote for it

  5. To paraphrase Neil Armstrong: One giant leap for Rick Perry, one baby step for mankind. Decrim is passé now, Tex; legalize it.

  6. what a ‘HYPOCRITE’, he must of figured out how to put $$ in his greedy pockets,,,haha, anyway have yet to read or see him actually say those words, but will take ur word for it,,gracias!

  7. And I just heard his ragged voice over the tube and he said no way to this,,,where did u get ur info/??

  8. IF only this were true,,,gov perry ‘el mendigo’ doesn’t see this for tejas at all,,too bad,,he’s probably trying to figure out how to ‘scam’ here,,,GOT TO GET RID OF THIS BACKWARD MAGGOT!!

  9. I’m beginning to think you’re a time traveler, following me in the future, to be here at my present. Freaky, right?

  10. stellarvoyager on

    I read that Rick Perry came out today in favor of decriminalization. Hades hath frozen over.

  11. firetheliberals on

    Used to have 18 year old drinking age limit in the 70s. Pot was also a lesser crime back then.
    While the bible beltists still have massive influence, texas culture is built around getting drunk or stoned, your preference.

  12. I’ve said it before, it ain’t gonna happen, not in f’ing Texas. The only way it will happen there is when it becomes a federal law. Oh well, I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

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