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Texas Sheriffs To Campaign Against Marijuana Reform Efforts


cops law enforcement special needs students entrapmentWhenever there is a chance that marijuana laws will be reformed in a state, an opposition is almost always led by law enforcement. Why is that? Is it because they know they won’t be able to use the ‘I smell marijuana, now let me search everything’ tactic? Is it because changing marijuana laws will reduce their budgets, if for any reason because it makes asset forfeiture harder? Is it because they want jail beds to be reserved for marijuana offenders?

Whatever the reason, I can guarantee it’s not a good one. There is no reason on the planet that is good enough to keep marijuana prohibition in place, considering how many lives prohibition ruins and how much taxing and regulating marijuana helps society. Efforts to reform marijuana laws are underway in Texas, where Texas Sheriffs are leading the charge against such efforts. Per News Max:

The Texas Sheriffs Association says it will fight hard to block efforts in the coming state legislative session to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.

The group, which represents law enforcement officials across the state, will “oppose any effort to decriminalize marijuana or legalize medical marijuana or any of the components of marijuana,” Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk told WOAI Radio in San Antonio.

It’s sad that the Texas Sheriffs are opposed to marijuana reform in such a ‘no matter what’ manner. Have they even read any proposed legislation? It’s like when they hear the word ‘marijuana’ they have the knee jerk reaction to say ‘we are against it.’ Well what if it actually helps cops do their job better by allowing them to focus on going after real criminals? Did they ever think of that? I thought cops were supposed to have compassion? If so, than why are they opposing medical marijuana, even CBD which doesn’t even provide euphoric effects?


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  1. How is that possible? Do we have no rights in Texas? How can they even try to stop us, we the people? First they shouldn’t be using their position, or their uniform for for political gain, because I’m pretty sure that goes against some type of regulation, because it did for me in the army, third it should be voted on anyway, because not letting us vote on any subject of any kind, isn’t it that unconstitutional (they only let us vote on subjects that will benefit them in any direction)? It’s not like the people as a majority will try to vote to pass something stupid (at lease not intentionally), and yes government should be in charge, but when it’s a subject for the majority that want to see reform it should be taken on vote by the people, and if it doesn’t screw things up then no worry right, but if it does then that’s when government should step in, and govern things, but this sounds like most of the time a marijuana conviction would be a case to case basis, as it is already, and they haven’t even made a dent on “the war on drugs”. Actually, people who are addicted to drugs know how addictive and dangerous a drug is, but yet fast food, guns, and even prescribed medicine can be fatal, or addictive, but yet people are given a choice/options with those legal, fatal, and addictive items… what is the greater evil? I think all drugs, guns, or anything that is illegal should be legalized and regulated… that will get rid of the black market, and not everyone is a heroine addict that doesn’t want help, or a killer, low life ect. but the ones who are is why we have a government. Just like China shouldn’t impose on our freedoms, so shouldn’t the US government. Also people who “chose” to be addicts know the dangers and decided to go down a fatal/legal road that they may not come back from. Damn huffing paint gets you high, but you don’t catch me doing it because of it being a stupid dangerous high… just like you wouldn’t catch me doing anything I know is addictive or harmful, but marijuana isn’t harmful, or dangerous….. to sum it all up, all of this stuff is on our planet regardless, and to legalize and educate the people will only separate the strong from the weak. if people want to blow their brains out, get addicted, or take something foreign in their body not knowing what it can do to you (pretty stupid) should have that right to do so at a certain, age, so long as we protect the innocent, but other than that…. government shouldn’t interfere with an adults personal choice, so long as it’s not Hurting someone else or our nation. I know all I’ll be doing is my medicine which I do need. Which I have to get off the black market from some guy (I just call the dealer) who I don’t have nothing in common with… I’m a disabled vet, a father, a husband, going to school, and supporting my family while I medicate myself twice a day. A thug, gangster, addict, or low life isn’t what I am. I think I have a pretty good moral compass, and if I wasn’t functional I wouldn’t be able to be all those things I mentioned.

  2. BongRipsForJesus on

    Thanks for the suggestion. I just visited their site and found a raffle offer on the homepage. Being a resident of Texas, I knew that raffles are most strictly regulated in Texas, so I looked up the LAW, which clearly states raffles are allowed by “qualified entities” which includes “A nonprofit organization that has existed for at least three preceding
    years and is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c), Internal Revenue Code; does not distribute any of its income to its members, officers or governing body; DOES NOT DEVOTE A SUBSTANTIAL PART OF ITS ACTIVITIES TO ATTEMPTING TO INFLUENCE LEGISLATION; and does not participate in any political campaign.”

    Not only are they committing a Class A Misdemeanor, they are enticing each participant to commit a Class C Misdemeanor! Cops are so interested in protecting their jobs, they will blatantly break the law! I find a strong case to contact my Attorney General’s office now. Other residents of Texas please follow.

  3. Texas Law Enforcements job is to enforce the law, not influence it. I think these guys forget who they work for.

  4. Washington’s decriminalization bill will hopefully come up for a vote before the 2015 legislative session ends. Whatever one’s belief’s regarding harder drugs, incarceration for simple possession isn’t the answer.

  5. This weeks issue of RollingStone has an article about Texas drug warriors and their horrendous misbegotten drug war gone awry. It’s called: “Cocaine Cowboy’s”.


    Fuck those dumbass sherriffs they just want to keep ruining innocent lives thinking they are all badasses! Hyprocrites! Why do they care so much about what we the people choose to smoke healthy medical marijuana!? Its all about the money and power for them! I bet all the other drug dealers of hardcore drugs like meth or cocaine has them scared shitless so the sherriffs decide to arrest marijuana smokers because we are the easy targets for them and they need something to make them feel better about themselves because they fail miserably to bust the other hardcore drugs traffickers!

  7. BongRipsForJesus on

    Leave it to law enforcement to place itself in a position adversarial to the will of the people, further justifying our general mistrust and fostering such a strong “anti-law enforcement” sentiment in this state/country. Then they wonder why more folks are more uncooperative…

  8. …the Texas Sheriffs ASSociation needs to do an about-face from pointing an accusing finger at Colorado and focus their resources more on the record amount of methanphedamine coming across their border from Mexico.

  9. My headline would have read, “Texas Sheriffs Association Support Murderous Drug Cartels and the Prison Industry by Opposing Marijuana Reform.” These goons put the ass in association.

  10. It’s all about the money, of course. – Law enforcement is addicted to the millions of dollars in the federal bribes of “drug war” grants, millions more in asset forfeitures, easy overtime, easy arrests, easy convictions and easy promotions.

    Heaven forbid they lose this cushy arrangement and have to do REAL police work again. – That’s hard, poor babies.

  11. Law enforcement seized over a Billion Dollars last year in Florida and police got to keep 85%, In the recent Florida election the Sheriff association not the Sheriff department always came armed and in full uniform to debate as Private citizens, which is illegal for them in uniform to be campaigning to the public churches and Schools.

  12. You can log onto the Sheriffs Association of Texas website and write them about not taking a stance on marijuana prohibition. Their job is to enforce the laws and not dictate what they should be!

  13. Are you kidding? It’s WAY easier for cops to throw non-violent offenders in jail for pot possession. Pot heads tend to be relaxed and probably wouldn’t resist very much. Cops are scared little twats and they would rather throw people in jail for something that doesn’t take very much police work. They are just a bunch of pansies and literally have no right to unionize together to make statements like this. Now if they individually want to oppose then that is their right. But as Sheriffs that are supposed to protect and serve us and enforce the law they should have absolutely NO voice in the matter as a whole. What a bunch oppressive, nazi-like, ignorant cops. They should literally lose their jobs for even saying this stuff. YOU ARE NOT PROTECTING AND SERVING ME.

  14. Cops have NO BUSINESS interjecting their personal or political beliefs regarding law enforcement. Especially when there is so much money involved in tainting their opinions. Their job is to enforce the laws impartially regardless of whether they like them or not. They are PUBLIC SERVANTS not lawmakers! They have no right to try to shape laws they are tasked with enforcing. It is a glaring conflict of interest. These self-serving SOB’s have gotten way out of control and need to be put back on a short leash where they answer to the people and public who pay their salaries.

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