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Texas Teen No Longer Facing Life In Prison For Cannabis Brownies


Big BrownieTexas has very, very harsh cannabis laws. A case that demonstrates that is the case of Jacob Lavoro, who is 19 years old. Jacob Lavoro was caught with cannabis brownies, and the State of Texas was trying to throw the book at him. Because they were brownies, and had flour, sugar, and other ingredients, the weight of the brownies was being considered the weight of the possession with intent to distribute. That all added up to a first degree felony charge, which carries a prison sentence of up to life in prison.

Fortunately, that charge was dropped, but unfortunately, another charge was applied. Per Raw Story:

The district attorney in Williamson County decided not to pursue the first-degree felony case, and a grand jury indicted Lavoro last week on a second-degree felony charge for possession of THC and a state felony charge for possession of marijuana.

“We figured that would be a simpler, more straight-forward case,” said District Attorney Mark Brunner. “We wouldn’t get lost in the weeds of arguing about the adulterants and dilutants, even though the law allows us to make that argument.”

The new charge still brings an overly harsh prison sentence if convicted. A second degree felony charge could result in up to 20 years in prison. 20 years is obviously better than life, however, it’s still a huge injustice, and a tremendous waste of tax payer dollars and corrections resources if it happens. A prison bed should be reserved for a person that is a danger to society, not for someone that makes cannabis brownies.

Source: International Cannabis Business Conference


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  1. I was indicted in Dumas, TX with a 2nd degree felony, possession of a controlled-substance which was hash… I had to fight the case just for them to drop it to a 3rd degree. I am a medical marijuana patient who lives in CO and was arrested on the way to visit my new born baby brother and family. I have severe arthritis and sciatic nerve damage and consume marijuana to be mobile and to sleep. Now I am in the system as this poor soul is. It is sad that TX only cares about money and even though they do realize the benefits medical marijuana has because they just past a medical marijuana bill just recently. TX has to be one of the most ass-backwards states not to mention greedy. It is truly funny to see the town of Dumas how everyone is driving all newer vehicles, I smell corruption.

  2. Suicide from adderall? Amphetamines get a bad rap, and that’s just about as absurd as the old anti marijuana suicide claims published in the papers of Harry Anslinger. The Zoloft thing, well that’s causation vs correlation. It doesn’t have enough hard science behind it. I will say that it’s crap medicine, with long term withdrawal symptoms that outweigh that of Meth, which is still prescribed for adhd under the brand name Desoxyn.
    Yeah it’s all absurd. Caffeine in high enough dosages is pretty hardcore stuff too, and alcohol… Well let’s not even go there. What we need is to educate consumers and doctors better about drugs, which means we need to fund more unbiased scientific research and hold drug companies which fudge test results more accountable for their crap. You can’t just legalize one drug and expect the drug wars injustice to end.The drug companies are in on it and its a massive cash grab for government agencies.

  3. Its just marijuana brownies Texas DA. You must be very proud if yourself. I quote the funny movie (were the millers) “thats a really dickhead move”. This kid will get less time if he Murdered someone. This is really fucked up America we need to stoop these outlandish In humane laws.all states need to decriminalize and legalize marijauna.

  4. I live in Texas and hate it for this reason. Having chronic pain and lots of health problems I want, at the very least, to have legalized medical marijuana. I really want it to be legalized, period!!!

  5. These idiots in texas would hang gays if they thought that they could get away with it. Look at their goofy governor, texans have a talent of electing goofs,liars,and idiots as governors.

  6. TOTAL BULLSHIT !! Hypocrites when millions of kids are screwed up and committing suicide from Zoloft, Adderall, and Prozac –makes NOT SENSE !! Call ur elected officials SCREAM for CHANGE !! STOP THIS INANE CRAP ! Free up jails for VIOLENT CRIMINALS !

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