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Thank The Vancouver Police For Their Position On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


vancouver bc medical marijuanaThe Canadian federal government considers all medical marijuana dispensaries to be illegal, and has called for all of them to be shutdown. There is a high concentration of medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver, B.C. in Canada. But so far the police seem to be unwilling to enforce anti-medical marijuana dispensary laws. This has led to a petition being created that people can sign and have it sent automatically to the Vancouver Police Department to thank the department for taking that position. I first saw the petition come across the Drug Policy Alliance’s Twitter feed, and felt it was worth sharing if people in Vancouver felt it was appropriate. I obviously don’t live in Vancouver, so I’m not as familiar with what is actually going on on the ground, but have heard good things. Below is the language of the petition, which can be signed at this link here (there are 126 signers as of the posting of this article):

To: The Vancouver Police Department

This is a letter to say THANK YOU!

We the undersigned would like to express our appreciation for the VPD’s decision to use police discretion and not apply enforcement of the criminal law against many of the Vancouver medical cannabis retail stores that have emerged in the past few years. We applaud the VPD for the clear statement explaining their pragmatic, progressive and evidence informed approach in developing the department’s position.

We appreciate a police department that balances the best interests of the public in terms of deployment of police resources and the expenditure of scarce public funds. The VPD’s position that municipal zoning bylaws are more effective and prudent than the use of the criminal law in regulating medical cannabis dispensaries is refreshing and in line with the way that other retail outlets are regulated such as those that dispense alcohol and tobacco, two substances that have been shown to be significantly more harmful to our communities than cannabis. We also applaud the clarity in which the VPD have defended its position in the face of challenges from individuals, organizations and senior federal government departments.

There is a growing body of evidence that medical cannabis is an important option for treating a variety of conditions and that as a legitimate treatment medical cannabis is here to stay. The Supreme Court of Canada has ensured this on several occasions. For many, access to medical cannabis is essential to their health and well being and developing a regulatory system that gives reasonable and equitable access to all Canadians is important. Canada has one of the largest medical cannabis programs in the world at the national level and its regulatory structure is evolving at this time and VPD’s leadership and commitment to finding new approaches on this important issue is greatly appreciated.

When regulated appropriately, the new legal cannabis stores will be different from how cannabis was sold under prohibition, as they will allow access for those who use cannabis as medicine, pay taxes, check age ID and sell a pure product with clear consumer information labeling. Allowing the cannabis stores to exist will allow police to put resources into pursuing “real” criminals who actually do harm in our society (e.g. murder, sexual assault and fraud). Another benefit to the police is that the enforcers of unpopular laws get targeted as the villains and in a post prohibition world the police will get to play their rightful role as the heroes of our society.

THANK YOU Vancouver Police Department!!!


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  1. The Canadian Fed govt view is changing under Justin Trudeau & the VPD is on course to work with that, not shutdowns, but opening to everyones benefit. Goodby to mr Harper & his stupid Fed position shown here, & thank you VPD for going with citizens, fact & a positive future, not nutter Harper, which fits with the new vote. We can hope backwards police & Fed govt elsewhere take notice. Canada is now set to take the lead for all.

  2. Closet Warrior on

    Unfortunately mountain man, I don’t think these wing nuts do have much of a memory when it comes to their screw ups but they have an elephant’s memory when it comes to the things that say you or I might have done wrong in the past. These politicians will flip flop on issues, not take responsibility when they’ve taken an oath to uphold their citizens whether at a state or national level and yes the majority of them do just wanna make that wallet fatter. Sorry to hear about your health issue but you seem to know what’s up and you keep a cool head in these blogs so I applaud your outlook. I have neuropathy and it doesn’t take me a lot either but finding it is a pain sometimes in itself. If we can keep up our welfare programs afloat w/the help of mmj and or recreational- then our state would be stronger for it. Keep your head up mountain man.

  3. you are so very right warrior , they took away the coal it took thousands of jobs increased the unemployment and food stamps witch does nothing but put more of , the folks suffering just to stay alive and keep their children from suffering too much , they should learn from the turnpike , it is supposed to create jobs and money and help keep the road in good shape , but that isn’t in that good a shape anymore , if we could get a few smart liberals in the legislator we might be able to do something besides put money in their pocket , I have a medical situation I have epilepsy , and I know for a fact that it helps me , just a little bit takes away the anxiety feeling and makes me feel normal , so if ohio can get maybe we can too with the right pressure , I know we would have enough votes easy !!! ,as far as recreational hello that’s even more money to help one of the poorest states in the nation , so lets get a go OHIO , and oh yea lets go Mountineers !!

  4. Closet Warrior on

    Hey mountain man, forgot to mention Pennsylvania too. Imagine that-I forgot something lol, but seriously man, Maryland too and Even D.C. has recreational. Our nations capital and everyone around us seems to be medicating or meditating. I personally think our state’s representatives have Cranial Rectitus, for all you laymen out there they seem to have their heads up their ass!!! It’s proven by example in Uruguay, Jamaica, parts of England as an experiment in the dropping of crime in general, economy stimulation, as well as quality of life. Just ask the people no matter where on earth, seems like we have read the facts from credible scientists and have come to the same conclusions we’ve already known from experience-it is safer than most of the foods and water we drink. That’s a sad fact but an effective conversation starter no doubt. Big tobacco and alcohol are the true gateway drugs and we’ve known this for decades and the prohibition of alcohol created a pocket for the Mafioso to thrive just as the cartels of today push their ditch weed and the sad part is we buy it to get by and God knows where that money goes. I personally will try to go w/out B4 I give to human slavery, murderers and kidnappings. Can’t always get local but your conscience can always know that you did NOT contribute to those atrocities. Guess I’m just an ignorant hick from the sticks. Lol, not.

  5. Closet Warrior on

    So you know they took away our coal and that effects the whole country but us poor hillbillies took the brunt of the problems. So simple, like you said wv#1mtnman, we would benefit more than any other state that’s for true if we could just get mmj in our state. Let the casual tokers get their own like us resourceful country boys can. If we could get the doctors on board w/political affiliates, then we could lay the framework for us much needed medical patients. Then, I’m all for recreational too but 1st we gotta stop the suffering. It is immoral to let someone waste away in pain when a little weed stands between reason and morality. On top of that we could finally have new roadways, hospitals, schools,etc. No exaggeration bro, my buddy moved to Boulder Colorado and the money that is being generated is unreal. Hopefully Ohio votes state legalization in on the 3rd to put a little leverage upon our state officials to do the right thing, hell, at this stage, I don’t even care if their true motive is greed-we the people will benefit as well. Sorry bout the rant. This is something I am passionate about for personal reasons.

  6. Closet Warrior , wheel that does suck , I lived in WV for 25 yrs , I would also move to Canada , or a legal state here in the U.S. , I could definitely benefit from the medical legalization of mmj , I would think people in WV would be more for the legalization due to the poor economy in the state ,

  7. Would love to trade those cops for ours here in Texas. Even if we had decriminalization, our cops would look for any loophole in order to harass stoners.

  8. It is right to thank the VPD. Finally a little bit of common sense, which isn’t so common. Thanks again Canada for leading the way. And yes I signed the petition.

  9. Closet Warrior on

    Sinclair is right and Vancouver’s pd is right on! I’ve been to Canada and it is clean, beautiful and open minded. With these attributes, it’s hard not to uproot my citezenship. I’m a proud American but our government is so corrupt and sickening. I live in West Virginia and we’ve voted down medical marijuana down 5yrs in a row and we have the highest overdose rate in the country. I live near our capital city and I believe the od rates are between 8 and 11 times higher than the national average. Wake up WV, when are you gonna see users and addicts as people too. Sometimes I think our governments of the world use mmj suppression to keep the herd thinned out. Their little ant farm experiments are making some folks suffer and I am one of those Ants who seeks out mmj rather than than opiates for pain- been there done that- the worst ten yrs of my life. Sorry bout the rant guys but we need a revalation or a revolution!!!

  10. Ir is nice to see a police force to decide to do the right thing instead of doing the usual lock them up routine. So Vancouver, PD. Please keep up the good work and stand by your citizens who have voted medical Marijuana legalization.

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