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The Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, Firearms And Explosives?


Ending Federal Prohibition Of Marijuana Act Of 2013 polis blumenauerI received this message from SSDP yesterday. I encourage all TWB readers to use SSDP’s online tools to contact your Reps and Senators. Luckily for this Oregonian, contacting my rep Earl Blumenauer is not necessary!:

By Aaron Houston, Executive Director, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

I’m heading to a press conference right now to join Congressmen Jared Polis (D-Colo.) and Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) in announcing the introduction of the most sweeping proposed reforms ever to be advanced in Congress related marijuana legalization.

This historic effort includes the introduction of legislation by Rep. Polis that will end federal prohibition of marijuana and regulate it similarly to alcohol, deferring to states that decide to legalize marijuana. Companion legislation by Rep. Blumenauer that would create an excise tax for marijuana will also be introduced.  Additionally, a new “Sensible Drug Policy Working Group” in Congress will be announced that brings together Members of Congress, their staff members, and advocates to help forge a new path forward in regulating marijuana. The group will also announce a new report by Congressmen Polis and Blumenauer entitled “The Path Forward: Rethinking Federal Marijuana Policy.

Take Action

Congress needs to hear from constituents like you who support this issue.

Please consider taking a few seconds to send a message to your representative urging them to cosponsor the Ending Federal Prohibition of Marijuana Act of 2013.

With your help, we can make history.  Thanks for your support.


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  1. Why aren’t the Food and Drug Administration the ones that handle marijuana since it’s a drug?

  2. Don’t kid yourself. The state would prefer 1 major grower instead of 10,000 small mom & pop operations, after all it’s still about control. So I’m predicting that IF the feds and states come to some kind of agreement, then you’ll see BIG AG come in, setup shop and they’ll be the ones doing the marijuana growing where it happens to be legal. IF the feds don’t go along BIG AG won’t invest one nickel and you’ll see mom & pop doing the growing (like now) who will also serve up an occasional meal on the hoof for federal prosecutors who only know one thing – prosecutorial misconduct in the communities in which they ply their wares and even live. Anyway, if this program was setup correctly (with fed approval) they would have a chance to not only enrichen these govts with tax revenues beyond their wildest dreams, they could also all but end the black market in premium grown & priced home grown weed too. How?? An unending & HUGE initial supply like only BIG AG could do in a relatively short time, of many different packaged brands (strains) and strengths. A start date written in stone so EVERYONE knows what’s coming and when. AND a Grand Opening Special STATE APPROVED price at ALL locations of about $80 to $100 per ounce MAX that never ends, available in smaller branded and packaged amounts at a higher per ounce price. I base my numbers on the current street price of an ounce of premium MJ in western Washington (state) which here is about $150 per ounce purchased in quantity. Knock that current ceiling price down over 30% and capturing as customers what’s left, while giving the masses what they want, all while at least significantly reducing the black market and absolutely swimming in increased tax receipts along the way and it would seem that all would be right with our world. Or at least better than it is today.

    So, will they do this (right)?? They couldn’t do it right if it was laid out in front of them. And THERE’S where that….lack of faith comes in….again.

  3. My, but aren’t things (seemingly) progressing at a more than usual rapid rate in the world of MJ legalization or are we….dreaming from the legal Washington & Colorado smoke & haze…er Haze?? Do a News search on Google for “marijuana” like I did this morning and my first reaction was that it’s looking like a new day. I’m…. cautiously leaning that way

  4. good luck collecting those taxes! The hope is that almost everyone will grow their own and the gov. will get nothing!

  5. Under the proposed legislation, the feds would tax cannabis at the grower level 50%. In Washington State, that would mean that a grower that is growing 100$ an ounce field grown weed, would get 25$, the feds would get 50$ and the state would get 25$ at the grower level. At the packager level, there is another 25 percent for the state. If the packager tried to get 175$ graded and packaged, the packager would get 30 bucks and the state 45 or so. If the retail store wants to make any money, they have to step up to 300$ an ounce because the state gets another 75$ in taxes. This is for field grown cannabis. Medical grade would run about 900$ an ounce in Washington state. Check my math if you think I am wrong.

    The People of Washington state would be singing songs about the black market folks fighting oppression, and the growers/dealers would be folk heroes, defenders of the People, and rightly so..

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