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The Cruelest April Fools Joke Ever – Pineapple Express 2 Official Trailer


Today is April Fool’s Day, so I am approaching everything with caution. The Executive Director of the National Cannabis Coalition (Anthony Johnson) already got me good, and Google Analytics almost had me with their ’42 visitors from the space station’ information earlier. I saw ‘Pineapple Express 2 – Official Trailer’ come across Twitter today, an almost got excited. I saw the tweet while I was at work and couldn’t watch the video at the time, so I was skeptical until I got home. Turns out it was just a joke to hype a different film. Below is the ‘trailer for Pineapple Express 2.’ What could have been…tear…:


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  1. Seth Rogan is a fully functioning and successful potaholic. I would not mind if they really did make a sequel. Still love M.I.A.s “Paper Planes”

    I wonder if pot movies are still going to be made after prohibition ends. Wow, could cannabis lose it’s coolitude after prohibition?

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