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‘The Daily Show’ Calls Out Gov. Christie Over Differing Stances On Gambling And Marijuana


Jon Stewart Points Out The Hypocritical Stance Of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

The Daily Show is one of my favorite things to watch. Jon Stewart puts things so simply. See how he points out the hypocritical stance of New Jersey Gov. Christie in the areas of marijuana and gambling.


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  1. Steve in Oakland on

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  2. You thought he was cool? Are you out of your mind? This man is the biggest enemy of Pot since Harry Anslinger and you wait till future Pres Romney makes fatboy the new AG of the US. The Federal war on pot will begin.

  3. Here they put so many years ago, a letter out, from the courts actually, sent to all police as a ‘directive’ … it comes down that in case of small amounts of weed, it’s left at the discretion of the police wether they want to criminalize or not. In effect this means, a lot of kids here and in other small towns get bothered for a single joint since cops don’t have anything else to do while in bigger cities you could practically walk about the street smoking since police always has something better to do than pick on a calm and easy-going pothead. Justice ? dunno … it’s a start, maybe. Total de-criminalization would be better still. The label from a single conviction can spiral out of control even if here you would hardly get jailed for a bag of weed you still get a mention on your record so you would be banned from doing certain jobs (in hospitals for instance) even if you didnt get an actual conviction. No one really seems to think it through, its a generation thing, it will ‘weed’ itself out eventually, too bad we and us are stuck in the middle of this. (i smoked myself for fourteen years and i quit the shit about six years ago, barring a small toke here and there at a party, never ever had problems with it)
    I suggest you all go happy camper in front of the guvs mansion and each person brings a bottle of jack to down. It’s legal …

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