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The Geoffrey Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


the geoffrey marijuana strainProbably my favorite part about being a marijuana blogger is getting free marijuana. I have got a lot of samples over the years, which is fantastic. I grew up pretty poor, and could barely scrum up enough money for a twenty sack most months. So when someone gives me a nug or two, I’m always very grateful. I’ve smoked a lot of strains over the years, but very few, if any, have impressed me as much as The Geoffrey strain. I have a friend that runs Spaceship Earth Farms in Salem, Oregon, and he is so good at breeding and growing that I can’t believe an industrial garden hasn’t swooped him up yet.

He created The Geoffrey strain, which is absolutely my favorite strain on the planet right now. The Geoffrey strain shimmers with trichomes, and forms into dense, long-burning buds. The Geoff is splashed with deep purple hues and red pistils, giving it an almost blue tint. However, despite it’s remarkable appearance, the very first thing you will notice about The Geoffrey marijuana strain is the aroma, which is so concentrated, you will literally smell it before you see it, every single time. The first time I brought a jar to my uncle’s house with The Geoffrey in it, and I opened it up, he almost dropped to his knees with pleasure. When a flower is cracked open, it’s like an aboriginal shaman gathered lavender, huckleberries, citrus, and some other unknown aggressive jungle plant, witch doctored them into blow darts, and then fired one into each nostril.

The taste is like a mouthful of blueberries, and leaves you feeling like maybe your tongue and lips have changed colors from eating too many. This could also be due to the intense high that almost immediately accompanies the wonderful flavor. The high lasts for hours, and the ruderalis genetics tend to give it a great mix of physical and cerebral properties, making it ideal for both pain relief and energy. When taken in higher doses the Geoff effectively combats insomnia and restlessness by melting the space-time continuum. In short, this strain is a cannabis connoisseur’s dream.

Not much is known regarding the Geoff’s closely protected lineage, but I was told that one of it’s relatives is GDP (Grand Daddy Purple). It is not a high yielder, and very labor intensive to grow, making it not an ideal candidate for commercial grow sites. It is a specialty strain, the cannabis equivalent of a rare top shelf liquor or expensive wine, bred not for volume production or elevated THC content, but instead for interesting highs and unique flavors and aromas. This makes it all the more valuable and rare to find in your local dispensary, but given the opportunity, I would say picking up some of this legendary herb is a must. If you are lucky enough to find it, trust me, you will not be disappointed. Below are pics of the Geoffrey in her various vegetative and flowering phases:

geoffrey marijuana strain 1


geoffrey marijuana strain 2


geoffrey marijuana strain 3


geoffrey marijuana strain 4


geoffrey marijuana strain 5


geoffrey marijuana strain 6


geoffrey marijuana strain 7


geoffrey marijuana strain 8


geoffrey marijuana strain 9


geoffrey marijuana strain 10


geoffrey marijuana strain 11


geoffrey marijuana strain 12


geoffrey marijuana strain 13


geoffrey marijuana strain 14


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  1. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    Spaceship Earth,
    I have discovered I suck at Twitter, but you are most impressive. I am in the Midwest activism game now, but the moment things appear to be going south here, I want to put my medical and grow experience to work somewhere. Check me out on LinkedIn.

  2. Reading this I felt like you were describing something I grew in a room where the temperature was always low reaching near the 30s F nightly. The leaves were never good for anything but the heavy fruity buds were outta this world, NOTHING to compare them to. Grew in buckets with homemade compost and bio char in the bottom. Every day I thought I must have over rated them the day before, 10-10-10, until the first hit. Only regret was I never shared any, still hurts. Thanks for the eloquent description.

  3. Damn…..wish I lived there,,, here in sac u can pretty much look on the ground and find an 8th of ANY and EVERY kind of TOP SHELF strain still brand new and not touched from a dispensary that someone accidentally left there. I need a spot to grow indoor,, but every1 here grows indoor and has a spot and I currently don’t have that luxury and am just harvesting and trimming all day my best stuff I’ve ever grown. I grew sum chemband OG kush outside and it actually looks and smells like indoor. Everybody who I’ve sold it to asked if it was indoor

  4. Any idea when clubs, clones, or seeds will be hitting the nor cal area,, like Sacramento?? Part of my bucket list is to smoke and or try to grow strains that are a must for all true connoisseurs out there so I’m going to be on the lookout for this 1 even tho my personal preference in a strain is that its indica dominant with juuust sativa to give me a nice lil warm head buzz. I’ve never been a sativa guy who likes the real racy or TOO cerebral sativas tht either make u trip or paranoid,,,this is a huge reason that I’ve NEVER found a strain that had any kind of haze in it that I liked. I hated em all lol

  5. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    To the awesome Spaceship Earth Farms – When I was a kid I did some business with Humboldt County Growers and some B.C. farms/Collectives. I could never imagine what the hell they wanted with our hemp; especially badly enough to trade some grade A seeds and some cash to boot. As I learned to grow myself I quickly realized they could get a far shorter season out of what we had in a good cross. Within about two years the BC Thunderfuck began to appear and I was growing some grade A Sativa dominant ‘Red Bud.’ I appreciate the invite to your site and you may expect me soon. I will explain the mess Iowa is in there.

  6. Spaceship Earth Farms on

    Hey Mark follow us @spaceshipefarms and send any questions you have our way. We love Iowa and the great farmers out there!

  7. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    Was it HPS lighting that gave it an Acapulco Gold look? That golden (almost strawish) look is rare and if it is the gro-lighting, I apologize. I will be out soon to do some sampling and deal making for industrial hemp seeds. Iowa’s agriculture has taken the worst “hit” since the 1930s and I believe the time is right to have farmers raise hemp and we agriculturists medical cannabis. In Iowa, this would be a strain worth paying for!!! There is indoor access to the max out here just waiting for the growers after my pitch hits the papers. Wish I could get some help out here, but it takes a farmer to talk to Iowans. Some of the best soil and water in the world for all cannabis.

  8. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    This appears to be an interesting blend. The coloration reminds me of the old Acapulco Gold that left you wondering if you’d been ripped off until sampling time. I do not like couch lock, so I must be very careful in the blended strains I get, even though I suffer chronic pain, and insomnia. It takes a certain instinct, as some pharmaceuticals that should put me in bed for the day, but actually do the reverse. Same with stimulants given to me as a child, some had very uncomfortable reverse effects. I have found the same with Cannabis, but this one looks interesting. I will be trying to put my skills to use opening a Dispensary supply to Illinois and Michigan, when Illinois goes medical dispensary next July 1. So I appreciate you sharing the business names of certain growers.

  9. Oh, Geoffrey. Where Do I begin? This strain has been around in my life for years and I have always liked it. a Fair warning to all those out there, Known your strain, this one will put your ass on a couch for 19 hours a day. good to see This getting some air time on the internet.

  10. duh- I guess it couldnt be autoflower if im looking at pictures of rooted cuttings. my bad again. more commenting before thinking on my part. sounds like this is a strain worth seeking out, esp. if u r looking for something different than the strains you see everyday in Cali.

  11. a connoiseur’s dream with ruderalis genes? is it an auto? looking at that first pic, i’d say you are probably right about the GDP heritage.

  12. I used to love that TV show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The Geoffrey sounds like a great strain, and who doesn’t love purple?

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