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The Herbsafe Marijuana Curing Container Could Revolutionize Cannabis Storage


herbsafe marijuana cannabis curing storage containerMy buddy Kaliko has been going to cannabis events lately, and he always comes back with fantastic things. I always like to see what ideas and products people are coming out with these days. One of the things that he recently came back with is a marijuana flower storage container called the HerbSafe. The HerbSafe is unlike any marijuana storage container I’ve ever seen, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot of them in the almost six years I’ve been running this blog.

What makes the HerbSafe container different than other containers I’ve seen is the technology in the lid. Other storage containers on the market are just containers with a plain sealing lid. If they are particularly fancy, the may have the ability to be air tight. The HerbSafe container has a one-way valve built into the lid which allows gases that occur during curing to escape the container, but it doesn’t allow anything to enter the container. It’s my understanding that similar technology is used in the coffee industry, but up until now I don’t think it’s ever been applied to the cannabis industry.

I put some cannabis that I got from a friend in the HerbSafe container when I got it from Kaliko a few weeks ago. The cannabis was mostly cured when I got it, but definitely could have benefited from some additional curing. I left it in the HerbSafe as a test and put some other in a regular glass mason jar, and I will say that after a few weeks of being in there, it smelled better and had a much better cure when compared to the mason jar. And that was even with me ‘burping’ the mason jars every now and again.

The HerbSafe marijuana curing container protects from air, moisture, heat, light, and carbon dioxide exposure. Those are all things that make your marijuana go from smelling like the ultra dank to something that smells like hay. I remember back in the 90’s when I would get ‘the beast’ in Oregon, and it always smelled like hay. Back in those less experienced days my friends and I thought it was because it was transported with hay and the flower took on the smell of the hay. That’s not what was actually going on. What was going on was rapid decay, not curing, and that’s not good for anyone.

It looks like from the HerbSafe website that there are three sizes. A personal sized one, a ‘Jay Smoker’ sized one as I call it (he tends to buy personal QP’s at a time and smokes like a broken chimney), and a five gallon lid that fits on standard five gallon buckets. If you grow marijuana, you no doubt put a lot of time and energy into your harvest. You want that flower to cure properly. Or, if you are a consumer, you likely paid a handsome price for that chronic, and you want to lock that flavor and aroma in. Either way, you should check out the HerbSafe container. You can find out more about it via the HerbSafe website, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Twitter.


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  1. I like the HerbSafe but the ultraviolet jars actually cure better because it allow the UV light to infiltrate and keeps it fresher longer. I got mine at herbpreserve. com

  2. The Cvault is a humidor, youll end up with gross dispensary grade weed that way. You can’t dry or cure weed with a humidity pack, its only good for smoking out of or short term storage. Vaccum sealed weed does NOT need a moisture pack.

  3. Trust I, this container is worth the investment. As a large scale farmer it is difficult to maintain and burp 100’s of bags or containers regularly. I conducted a similar test to the Weed Blog with the HerbSafe product and I consider it the best professional cannabis storing product on the market.
    I did a side by side test with boveda packs in a turkey bag, a tortilla chip in a turkey bag, no additive to the turkey bag, and finally the HerbSafe. I did not burp any of them and checked a month later. I and several other people, including the highest-authority on the subject, too godly to mention by name agreed; The HerbSafe is the best solution on the market for extended large scale storage. Take it or leave it, but that is the truth as I see it.

  4. High, Taylor Boxholder! Thanks to Weed Blog for this great piece! The large HerbSafe is a 1lb. container. The Mini HerbSafe is is about 2-1/2″ high and holds about a cup. Go to http://www.Herbsafe.net and see more product information. Thanks!

  5. Whyiowa4medical on

    Done and done!!! I hate all things that take one’s attention and 24/7 care and watching your plants for that perfect harvest period. With Minnesota expected to legalize soon, Midwesterners are coming home to Minnesota where decrim got a friend a $92 citation for 3 ounces. He didn’t even have to get out of the car and the cop let the speeding ticket go as a warning. All in all a pretty good deal as we grew 24% plus strains in 1984-1991.

  6. Dry you stash in a room fixed to 50% humidity with a dehumidifier and a humidifier. Then store in air tight containers.

    50% humidity fixes the moisture content to 5-7%

    Don’t give your money to rich investors hiring other people to do their work for them

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