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The HIGH TIMES Interview: Ziggy Marley


I have smoked out and listened to Ziggy Marley’s ‘One Good Spliff’ more times than I can count. When I moved out on my own for the first time, all I had in my apartment was a copy of ‘One Good Spliff’, my mattress, some clothes, and a bag of marijuana. I didn’t have food in my fridge, but I had a copy of ‘One Good Spliff’ and and some weed to smoke, and I was fine with that.

Check out this interview with Ziggy Marley. Ziggy Marley sat down with HIGH TIMES to discuss his new album and explain how the marijuana plant can save the world.


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  1. Ellyn Williams on

    I love Ziggy (and his father of course!). I thought the questions could have been presented better. I appreciated everything Ziggy said.

  2. Huge fan of Ziggy… I thought the questions were not well thought out. She is all “Do you like marijuana?” Uhmm yeah, he’s a rasta, reggae artist, and his Bob Marley’s son. So it kinda obvious he is down with herb. I hope that she was really high and that’s why she asked those questions

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