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The New Approach Missouri Marijuana Campaign Hires Top Political Consultant


missouri marijuana legislative hb 512 hb 688When it comes to putting together a strong campaign team, I have always said that the Show-Me Cannabis campaign does a better job than any other campaign in America. That’s not to take away from other campaigns, because they are all doing great work obviously. However, the Show-Me Cannabis campaign has always impressed me on a level that other campaigns don’t, especially considering how rough of a state Missouri is to try to achieve cannabis reform.

The Show-Me Cannabis campaign team became even stronger this week when the campaign decided to hire top Missouri political strategist Jack Cardetti. Per the Washington Times:

A campaign committee in support of medical marijuana in Missouri has hired a prominent political consultant and started raising money for the cause, signs that a medical pot proposal might have a serious chance of making it on the 2016 ballot.

Jack Cardetti, who worked on successful campaigns for Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon and Secretary of State Jason Kander, debuted in his new role as a consultant for New Approach Missouri during a game-day fundraiser for the marijuana advocacy group Show-Me Cannabis this week at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

Technically New Approach Missouri is it’s own entity, but it’s my understanding that New Approach Missouri is the 2016 campaign team name that was put together by Show-Me Cannabis, similar to how New Approach Oregon was created by the National Cannabis Coalition for the 2014 election. I look forward to what the Show-Me Cannabis team and the New Approach Missouri campaign decides to do in 2016 in Missouri. It’s my understanding that a medical marijuana initiative could be on the way, and that initiative language has been polled and the results are very favorable. Stay tuned.


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Johnny Green


  1. I will not vote! I will not settle! We want FULL legal weed and i know sooooooo many people who feel the same here in missouri. I mean why go back to mmj when the objective was full legality. so myself and so many others say we will not support

  2. I’m sure this sounds fishy or suspicious but I really could use the help. I’m a 60 year old female with Major nerve damage and neuropathic problems amongst the residual issues because of this issue. I live in SW Missouri east of Springfield. I’ve had major relief from cannabis.Problem being I’ve been having to deal with persons that truly scare the crap out of me and having to go to parts of town late at night where I’ve had some close calls. So vulnerable and fearful. Had some close call with some scary persons that i still shake over.
    The seeds I thought I could save and sprout never do. And I need it now now in 9 myths till harvest. Also heard that a lot of the seeds have been sprayed for sterilization or just plain old. Also some of the compressed stuff I’ve gotten has mold and sitting to long and just not worthy. Have a legitimate need. Don’t know where to go to feel safe and of course how would I know if I’m also getting set up by the law for a measly 1/2 oz. If any one could direct me or just help to figure it out i would be truly grateful. The meds I take are causing kidney and liver issues so my choices are slim to none for getting better.Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. A sincere thank you.

  3. Johnny Bloomington on

    Are we switching gears from full to medical now? Bummer… I’ll still vote for it. Well only if it’s not like Illinois crap mmj laws.

  4. Lawrence Goodwin on

    The group’s name is Show-Me Cannabis Regulation, which to me implies that they advocate on behalf of all cannabis growers in MO. In every state, the “sick and dying” should be the first group of people that voters and/or lawmakers reach out to as the 78-year Anti Marihuana Tyranny gets exposed and state laws finally get changed. Perhaps the most blatant federal lie of all is the current Schedule I status of “marihuana” in the Controlled Substances Act, a category reserved for drugs with “no accepted medical value.” That’s total b.s.! If it’s not accepted as medicine, then why are doctors and patients in 23 states already participating in various “medical marijuana” programs? Why did America’s doctors commonly prescribe extracts of seedless, female cannabis flowers (aka ‘marijuana’), for numerous ailments, between 1850 and the 1940s? The ongoing federal, state and local ‘war on marihuana’ is among the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the American people. It makes me sick just thinking about it.

  5. Doris Durnil-Jennings on

    You do not need to collect thousands of dollars from an already depleted state in order to achieve legalization of any kind. I for one support legalization efforts in Missouri but I will not do so at the expense of our sick and dying who can’t afford their prescription medicines now, we need to look at Missouri as a whole state and increase revenue and back our farmers. Where does this initiative do that?

  6. Thomas Jefferson on

    What happened to full legalization in Missouri? I can’t say I’m overly excited about another mmj program where only the extremely ill can participate… I will of course vote in favor

  7. You wouldn’t have said it from the start Johnny G.I watched this group from very beginning. .And while they have been very successful in hindsight, ,i doubt very muh that you,,when first seeing this group and its start would have said it would turn out as good as it has.
    They deserve credit for the hard work,no doubt, but as far as knowing how good or deserving they would be in the long run,nobody would have known

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