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The Next Mayor Of New York City Supports Marijuana Decriminalization


New York medical marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

The primaries are over, and New York City has narrowed down its mayoral candidates to three; Republican Joseph Lhota, Democrat Bill de Blasio and Independent Adolfo Carrión, Jr.. All of these candidates are supporters of cannabis law reform, and are in favor of decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis.

Joseph Lhota was actually the first New York City mayoral candidates to come out in support of recreational cannabis legalization. Bill De Blasio is in support of decriminalizing cannabis, including public display; ”I support legislation to decriminalize the display of small amounts of marijuana,” he said during an interview in July, ”The current law saddles many young people with a criminal record unfairly and it must be changed.”

Carrión, Jr., the city’s Independent candidate, is also in strong support of decriminalizing cannabis.

Regardless of which candidate becomes the city’s next mayor, it’s clear that their view on cannabis policies will be drastically different from that of Mayor Bloomberg.

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  1. I live in Seattle. My brother lives on long island, ny. Says he’s very frustrated with Cuomo. He says the cops there are the worst he’s ever seen. Filthy corrupt. Although, he states he is glad he’s caucasian. Says theyre truly are a bunch of racists. He also agrees with the “low hanging fruit” argument. I’m 50. He’s 60. We’ve both been down most streets in life. In short…. He believes absolutely everything is financially motivated. I’ve always believed this as well. I have to wonder if we’d be seeing any of this reform if our nation wasnt so broke? You see…. its not that they dont want us using drugs. They simply want us using “their drugs”. To think that big pharma or the fed gives a crap about us on a personal level is perfectly ridiculous. Ever payed attention to some of those drug commercials on t.v.? The disclaimers state ” can cause liver failure, stroke, and even death”. If I smoke a bowl before bed I no longer need a sleep aid, a pain aid, anti anxiety meds. I sleep like a baby and wake up rested with no side effects. So my question is…. Who’s the liar? Big pharma loses huge on this. And if I get high at a social on a saturday night I dont want a beer. Now big alcohol is losing money. (poor things.) This whole war on drugs has been a huge cash cow for the fed. Theyre preying on us by promoting fear in the minds of the uninitiated. Putting us in prison. Huge finesl confiscating our property. Ruining our lives and those of our children. Who’s the criminal? I want vengeance. People shouldnt be undecided. They should be furious! Thank goodness theyre no longer the majority.
    Its time the people take control of their own lives. Viva la revolution!

  2. Wait a minute, New York decriminalized cannabis in the 70s; what the blazes are these politicians thinking? I think what they’re trying to say is that they are supportive of laws that reduce sentencing. How can you be arrested if cannabis is decriminalized you say? It’s like this, the cops can still reprimand you if they find the drug on your person.

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