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The Real Cannabis Culture (Video)


I have never been to the Emerald Cup before. I know, I know. It’s definitely something that I don’t have a good excuse for. I have always wanted to go and am very hopeful that I’ll make it to the next one. WeedMaps recently released a video recap of the last Emerald Cup. It’s a recap unlike any I’ve ever seen before. Most recaps just do a couple of interviews and show footage of people walking around and some panoramic views of booths. This video shows a ton of interviews, and focuses more on the culture that goes along with the event. I always love seeing people speak who are obviously full of passion for the cannabis plant. The video even includes a clip of the infamous George ‘Boston George’ Jung. Yes, that George! Below is the video, pack a bowl, kick back and enjoy it on this fine Saturday:


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  1. Closet Warrior on

    Hey asshole, it’s called freedom! You should climb out of your Russian gulag and join in and just maybe you’d see that Your Opinions AREN’T the Only ones that count!!!

  2. There are many unique subcultures within the realm of cannabis. Not all are my cup of tea either. But as we continue to strive for the freedom of all adults to medicate / recreate responsibly, we must accept that others from completely different backgrounds than the ones we possess support our goals as well.

  3. Why do people need to dress and act like gangbangers or rasa man
    when they smoke a lot. And too much of “hey do what’s up man” It’s all horseshit. Act like an adult. I love this medicine but I don’t need to look like a dirt bag.

  4. This video is a nice production, but I have to disagree that the Emerald Triangle represents the cannabis culture. – Not when all three counties of that area voted against California’s attempt to legalize marijuana in 2010.

    That shouts loudly that the Emerald Triangle cares much more about continuing artificially high prices and quasi-monopolies than they do about the freedom of their “precious” customers.

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