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The Source Weekly Endorses Measure 80, Ending Cannabis Prohibition


oregon measure 80 octa endorsementBend Media Outlet Endorses An End To Marijuana Prohibition In Oregon

Another Oregon weekly has endorsed Measure 80 and putting an end to cannabis prohibition.  Like many supporters of Measure 80, The Source Weekly, published out of Bend, doesn’t whole-heartedly endorse the idea of establishing an OLCC-like commission to regulate cannabis, but understands that a government commission regulating cannabis is a much better alternative than the status quo of unnecessarily wasting money, diverting law enforcement resources and ruining lives.

The Source Weekly’s endorsement:

Approval of this measure would legalize marijuana and create a state agency to oversee sales and distribution.

We don’t love the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, better known as the OLCC, and the creation of a similar agency around marijuana does not fill us with a warm glow. However, for all its flaws, a government agency regulating the rather enormous process of rectifying the chaos of half-baked marijuana legalization efforts and overzealous drug enforcement is really the only route to good policy on this issue. While there still exists real concern about increased drug use among teens and the possibility of increased drug use in the general populace, doubling down on the failed drug enforcement route is not a viable solution. Oregon voters have an obligation to come correct on this issue and address, not only the impacts that unregulated marijuana trafficking has on our community but the impacts that our poor policy has in communities throughout the North, South and Central Americas. And while we realize that social impacts may not sway the more hard-hearted voter—think of all the tax revenues we’ll gain on a substance that already has wide social use and acceptance. Oregon voters should not leave the solution to this issue in the hands of the federal government. Vote yes.

Oregonians already have their ballots and are making up their minds on this issue.  Please help spread the word and encourage every Oregonian voter to vote YES on Measure 80 and end the failed and harmful policy of cannabis prohibition.

Republished with special permission from the National Cannabis Coalition


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  1. “Increased drug use among teens and the possibility of increased drug use in the general populace” should NOT be a concern if we realize that prohibition militates primarily against Harm Reduction equipment such as a vaporizer or a long-stemmed screened one-hitter which are HARDER TO HIDE than a hot burning monoxide joint. Any degree of legalization will help teens who are already using to avoid the 500-mg-per-lightup joint (ALIAS GIANT) and serve 25-mg single tokes instead.

    The political fact is that the government (especially Republicans) is/are handsomely funded by Big 2WackGo– an R. J. Reynolds website brags/complains that “the smoker” (i.e. the corporations) pays govts. in the USA $44.5 billion a year in $IGARETTE TAXES, while NORML estimates $20 billion a year is spent on anti-cannabis “law enforcement”. (Meanwhile CDC estimates tobacco use costs the US economy $193 billion a year– $96B health care costs and $97B lost productivity. This high-profit HARMageddon might disappear if cannabis were legalized and $igarette papers became obsolete.)

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