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The State Of Mississippi Bans The Marijuana Policy Project


marijuana policy project mpp nascar adI received the following e-mail from the Marijuana Policy Project:

The Mississippi government is saying that MPP is prohibited from raising money in that state because I’m a convicted felon.

After I was convicted for growing my own marijuana while in college, I co-founded MPP in order to repeal marijuana prohibition in all 50 states — something we can no longer do in Mississippi. This is a circular “double screw.”

Worse yet, we’re not even allowed to raise money in Mississippi to challenge the state’s stupid fundraising law.

Because I’m not allowed to send this email to MPP’s subscribers in Mississippi, I’m hereby asking you to donate to MPP today so that we can challenge Mississippi’s bad fundraising law and continue our work to change some of the nation’s worst marijuana laws.

This isn’t the first time MPP has been discriminated against.

For example, (1) MPP almost lost our employees’ retirement plan until a member of Congress intervened, (2) the bank where we’ve been doing business for 20 years won’t give us a line of credit because they don’t like our “mission,” (3) we had trouble opening a brokerage account, (4) we had trouble getting credit card processing for our five ballot initiative committees, (5) numerous landlords wouldn’t lease office space to us or our campaigns, and (6) the IRS has audited us twice.

And now we can’t raise any money in the entire state of Mississippi because of a marijuana conviction 26 years ago?

Please help us fight for fair treatment by donating to MPP today.


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  1. saynotohypocrisy on

    Nice trick, Miss. Call growing a plant a crime, then take away political rights over it. Nice trick, Florida, taking away so many people’s right to vote over weed, and in general, that Junior was able to shove his way to phony victory in 2000.

  2. Michael Miller on

    I always considered that state to be little more than a joke. Now I realize I can’t even give it that much.

  3. Closet Warrior on

    Ironically, the state that grows and houses marijuana on behalf of Uncle Sam, Hypocrites!!! When the hate me state learns how to vote they will probably wake up one day and look aroud to see they live in a police state w/few liberties. I guess the good ol boy system is still in full swing down there. Sad, Sad ,Sad.

  4. Closet Warrior on

    Stay off of forum sites that really don’t give a shit about your money, this is serious business here!!! Is your job gonna pay for cbd tinctures to little children the world over to cure them of epileptic fits and death…Didn’t think so

  5. The state of Mississippi is the most dependent state in the nation on Federal dollars. 45.68% compared to state revenue. While I would suggest a boycott would help, I think reminding this state that they require the teet of the federal cow may help more. I would assume these good ole slobs running the state could understand how important that money is to them as long you break it down crayola style and give them a graph with shapes and colors.

  6. Mississippi was the last State to repeal State drinking alcohol prohibition laws in 1966.


  7. Seems like a violation of the right to petition protected by the First Amendment. Fundraising is integral to any successful political campaign as evidence by… everyone in politics.

  8. I always thought Mississippi would be the last state to re-legalize marijuana. This confirms it.

    This is the Steve Martin/SNL “Smart Cave Man” routine played monstrously large.

  9. End of the Rope on

    I’ve lived in Mississippi. Its a place where blacks and whites are almost in equal numbers. While this weak attempt to stop legalization burns valuable tax dollars in its courts, it will only carve deeper into the scars of racism that the history of Mississippi already has that haven’t healed. My heart goes out to the people there.

  10. A Freedom Fighter on

    Mississippi, full of obese drunks and inbread toothless morons. Leaders in racism, fascism, and stupidity. Other than that it’s a great state.

  11. If Mississippi is that backward, let them be losers, just feel bad for the children that will suffer.

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